2 Dietitian Diets Suggested to Reduce Constipation and Fight Inflammation for Kids

Now is the season of a large number of pineapple on the market, the price is not expensive, the taste is sweet, so many mothers buy home to share with their children.
Although some varieties are called “pineapple”, they are in fact of the same family as the common “pineapple” on the market. However, after improvement, the taste and appearance are slightly different, which is very beneficial to health!

According to dietitians approved by the Dietitian Society, pineapple contains water-soluble fiber, vitamin C and rich potassium, which can help children prevent constipation, anti-inflammation, enhance immunity and stabilize blood pressure, etc.
However, pineapple contains bromelain, which can make the tongue tingle. If children are sensitive to this protease, they should not be eaten.

In addition, many mothers like to add pineapple or pineapple to dishes, so that children eat more fruits, can also make dishes more add sweet taste.
Ms Wong pointed out that when eaten hot, pineapple will inactivate the intea proteinase, which will make the tongue feel less stinging.
Here are two pineapple recipes for kids to enjoy tonight.

Fried meat slices with pineapple

Practice: Pineapple marinated slices of meat and then fried, slices of meat will be more tender, and this dish tastes sweet and sour, fruity fragrance, easy to be loved by children.

Fried rice with shrimp and pineapple

Practice: pineapple with meat, with rice, can make this dish nutrition more balanced, and the taste of pineapple sweet and sour appetizer, can attract children to eat.
You can also take some dietary fiber.

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