Month: April 2020

Slow growing and undersized?Don’t be careless!It’s probably a growth hormone deficiency in children

Growth hormone deficiency can cause children to grow slowly, and ultimately their height is significantly lower than their peers . Onset usually occurs after 1 year of age, and the main manifestation is that physical development is slower than children of the same age and same sex. With age, the height is more obvious, and … Read more

Relationship between growth hormone and insulin

There is a saying that growth hormone antagonizes insulin. Antagonism can be understood as resistance. Insulin is hypoglycemic, and growth hormone is resistant to insulin, which means that supplementing growth hormone will raise blood sugar. Is this really the case? And listen to decomposition.   The relationship between growth hormone and insulin can be divided into … Read more

These details of the application of growth hormone cannot be ignored!

Growth Hormone (GH) is a protein synthesized and secreted by the anterior pituitary cells of the brain. It is a kind of peptide hormone. The main physiological role of GH is to promote the body’s anabolism and protein synthesis and stimulate bone growth. GH can directly act on pre-chondrocytes, differentiate them into chondrocytes, and stimulate … Read more