Month: June 2020

Chinese experts have created a cancer vaccine that can treat many kinds of tumors at one shot

Will the next decade end cancer?Many kinds of cancer vaccines have been developed, and the era of cancer-free is coming Can cancer end with a vaccine, like smallpox or polio? Indeed, cancer vaccines carry the hopes of countless people and are the common aspirations of all mankind. A Chinese study on a “cancer vaccine” was … Read more

Is New Corona virus similar to AIDS? Cocktail therapy may be the preferred option

Since the OUTBREAK of COVID-19, scientists around the world have been racing against the clock to study the new virus.At the beginning of the pandemic, human recognition of COVID-19 was “a new respiratory disease”.However, with increasing scientific research, it has been discovered that novel Coronavirus affects not only the lungs but also the kidneys, heart … Read more

Novel Coronavirus attacks again, China responds quickly, highlighting “China Speed”

Up to June 10, there had been no new novel Coronavirus infected person in Beijing for 56 consecutive days. However, an additional case suddenly appeared on June 11, which broke the existing calm in Beijing.The China CDC acted quickly to trace the source of the virus, fully test contacts, isolate those infected and close contacts.The … Read more

Cardiologists point to the “hidden” signs of an impending heart attack

Doctors warn that heart disease has a wide range of symptoms.But many of them may be hidden away from the chest in unusual places.  CC0 / PIXABAY A heart attack is a serious emergency that requires immediate medical attention, Express reported. If many people know the main symptoms, often only the doctor knows the hidden … Read more

China’s first NEW corona mRNA vaccine has been approved for clinical use

June 24, according to official public number of military academy of Sciences, by military academy of Sciences military medical research institute and local enterprises jointly research, develop the novel coronavirusmRNA candidate vaccine (ARCoV) has been on June 19 officially approved by the State Administration of medical Products clinical trial.This is the first mRNA vaccine approved … Read more

Novel Coronavirus infected aquatic employees exported frozen salmon, which led to the novel Coronavirus spread to various seafood markets

Since the outbreak began in our country, has been on high alert, until gradually will slowly together control in our country, our country began to relax vigilance, gradually resume production, but the recent salmon with small-scale Beijing infection, let people “once back to before liberation,” fortunately, our country has built up a set of for … Read more

Brain abscesses that do not respond to anti-inflammatory treatments can be surgically removed

Yesterday’s second surgery patients in recent days appear have a headache, hospital skull CT examination doubt won the “brain”, further examination of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is found after brain abscesses (figure 1 ~ 3), gives anti-inflammatory therapy and directional puncture flushing, and continue to anti-inflammatory treatment, postoperative symptoms improved, symptoms aggravated again after 3 … Read more

Environmental endocrine disruptors, the invisible killer of male reproductive health

The development of human history, the progress of civilization, especially the process of industrialization are now gradually accelerating, and material civilization has indeed improved qualitatively, but behind this, it will also bring more and more problems. An invisible killer is gradually “swallowing” male reproductive sexual health. Outpatients often encounter a class of patients, the quality … Read more