Month: January 2021

New Novel Coronaviruses Could Cause US Death Surge

According to data released Jan. 30 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 437 cases of the novel coronavirus variant have been detected nationwide.A novel coronavirus virus (novel coronavirus) could lead to a “spring surge” in deaths in the United States if the novel coronavirus virus spreads widely in the United States and some … Read more

World First: Two patients in Brazil were found to be simultaneously infected with two variants of novel coronavirus

Brazilian researchers have found two patients infected with two variants of novel coronavirus, the world’s first confirmed case of two strains of the virus simultaneously in a patient. The two patients identified by researchers in southern Brazil are reported to be in their 30s.Both had mild symptoms and did not require hospital treatment.But the two … Read more

Under the epidemic, the more terrible “epidemic” to come?

In 2020, Covid-19 exploded around the world. Consumption demand has been greatly reduced, all industries have been greatly impacted, and everyone’s life has also undergone earth-shaking changes. Some businesses are on the verge of bankruptcy, some people are unable to complete their studies, some people have lost their jobs and sources of income… The picture … Read more

French Health Minister: Curfew effective but not enough to kill novel coronavirus

On the afternoon of January 28, local time, French Health Minister Jens Whelan held a press conference on the current situation of the new French crown disease. Whelan said the current 1800-6am “curfew” in France was having a practical effect, preventing the outbreak from getting worse and allowing the situation to stabilize. △ French Health … Read more

Coronaviruses generally do not infect these three types of people

Now the people of the country are united in their efforts to fight the epidemic, and countless medical workers are at the forefront of the fight, the spirit of the moving.However, we see that the number of confirmed infections is still rising every day. People are responding to the call to stay indoors or stay … Read more

Novel coronavirus, found in Britain, may have a 30% higher fatality rate

A novel coronavirus variant found in the UK linked to the rapid spread of Covid-19 may also cause a greater risk of death, the prime minister said.The data showed that the new strain appeared to be about 30 percent more lethal.The full text is edited as follows: Speaking at a press conference at 10 Downing … Read more

That’s where the virus leaked in 19 years?

“Fort Detrick Biological Laboratory” and “Hill” have been among the top hot style trending terms on China’s Twitter-like Weibo for two consecutive days.The buzz was sparked by a post titled “Sorry, we played an evil role in the Covid-19 outbreak.”The author of the post, “@Samantha Hill,” described himself as an “Indian American who fled the … Read more

Disputes arose at the WHO meeting, the United States asked China to hand over information on the new crown virus

After the World Health Organization (WHO) expert group arrived in China, the World Health Organization held an executive committee meeting on January 18. The United States asked China to hand over information documents related to the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), and China emphasized to stop political pressure . The United States insists that the new crown … Read more