Month: January 2021

The mutated virus, Merkel said, was “the British virus”.

As we all know, in December of 2020, the United Kingdom announced the emergence of a novel coronavirus variant.The mutant novel coronavirus is an evolved version of the previous one, so while it doesn’t have much of a change in lethality, it is much more contagious.Influenced by this mutant novel coronavirus, the anti-epidemic situation around … Read more

Brazil found that a new variant of the new coronavirus from the country infects patient zero

The health supervision agency of Amazonas State in Brazil confirmed on the 13th that a 30-year-old woman living in Manaus, the state‚Äôs capital, was infected with a new variant of the new crown virus in Brazil. The zero patient has been infected with new coronary pneumonia twice, and the second infection time was from November … Read more

Several clusters of the mutated virus have been detected in France and the authorities are stepping up their response

French authorities confirmed Monday that several cases of the mutant novel coronavirus infection have been found, and are stepping up efforts to cut the chain of transmission as soon as possible. French health minister Velan said the same day, French health authorities have found several cases of the mutation virus cluster infection in France, is … Read more

Global Vaccination Race, Epidemic Race: U.S. Stumbles, Israel Steps Ahead

In the United States, the epidemic shows no signs of abating, with the cumulative number of deaths reaching 347,500.Vaccination efforts in the United States have been hampered by logistical difficulties and overcrowded hospitals. As of January 1, only 2.8 million people in the United States had received their first vaccine, the French weekly L ‘Express … Read more

The virus is coming! Super communicators appear one after another in Dalian and Shenyang

Since the discovery of different variants of the new coronavirus in the United Kingdom and South Africa in December 2020, cases of mutant virus infections have been found in many countries and regions around the world. On January 1, the Shanghai Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention announced that the first case of mutated … Read more

There are 4 variants of the new crown, is the vaccine still effective?

On January 3, the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention officially announced that on January 2, the CDC found the B.1.1.7 mutant in a throat swab sample from a confirmed case of new coronary pneumonia imported from the United Kingdom. The genetic sequences of mutant viruses with a 70% increase in transmission were … Read more

The mutated virus pressed Japan into an emergency “blockade”, and Putin had already begun action

As COVID-19 continues to spread around the world, countries are in an unprecedented panic, both economically and otherwise, and have been hit very hard.Although many countries are trying to research COVID-19 vaccine, at present, except China, Russia and the United States, many other countries have no way to research the vaccine.As the saying goes, far … Read more

How was China’s COVID-19 vaccine “refined”

On December 31, 2020, The State Council jointly prevention and control press conference announced that the novel Coronavirus inactivated vaccine of Sinopac China Biology had been approved to be listed with conditions by THE State Food and Drug Administration.At a time when the global COVID-19 epidemic is raging again in winter, the news that China’s … Read more