Month: February 2021

A 16-year-old girl had a sudden back pain due to a tumor on her spine

“The recovery is very good, the walking time with braces can be extended gradually, and more attempts to do lower limb rehabilitation.”On the morning of February 26th, Professor Li Feng of Tongji Hospital was giving a second visit to a patient suffering from a rare spinal tumor via video link.At the other end of the … Read more

New coronavirus mutants appear in many places in the United States

Although the number of novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in the United States has dropped recently, there have been many COVID-19 variants in many states. This poses new challenges to the US epidemic prevention and control.According to several US media reports, researchers from Columbia University and California Institute of technology recently reported that a new variant … Read more

Caution: Chinese scientists have discovered and named a new virus that causes fever and dizziness in humans

Virus, virus, virus again! Since the outbreak of Xinguan, the word “virus” has filled all people’s lives, and every new news has drawn the hearts of the public. Chinese experts have identified and named two new infectious viruses that live on a common insect in our lives. A team in China has discovered two new … Read more

Modena develops booster needles for novel coronavirus variant

Biotech firm Modena said Wednesday it is working with scientists employed by the U.S. government to develop a booster needle against the mutated virus on top of its existing crown vaccine, and will increase vaccine production. Mr. Modena said the company has the raw materials for a vaccine specifically designed for the novel coronavirus variant … Read more

Alert! Novel coronavirus mutates again, expert warns urgently

In a week of warnings about the mutated strain, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said cases of the novel coronavirus strain had surged, with the possibility of another expansion in March. Yu Chuanhua, a professor of epidemiology and health statistics at Wuhan University, told reporters: “It’s normal for the virus to mutate, … Read more

Novel Coronavirus Mutates Again! Finnish laboratory: nucleic acid test may not be detected

It has been more than a year since the outbreak of the new epidemic, but the global epidemic has not improved with the passage of time, but is still serious.Although a number of new crown vaccines have been approved on the market, and countries have also taken vaccine procurement and vaccination as a priority for … Read more

Israeli data: Pfizer vaccine blocks novel coronavirus infection

Israel now has the highest vaccination rate of any country in the world (more than 80% of the first dose of the Pfizer/Biontech vaccine is widely used), so the data on infection and transmission in Israel will help scientists understand the true effect of the vaccine in the population.Covid-19 was diagnosed in 89 of 120,575 … Read more

Mutation of the virus, the United States experts do not think the epidemic to “slack off”

So far in February, the number of people in the U.S. vaccinated with the novel coronavirus vaccine has surpassed the cumulative number infected with the virus, and the growing number of confirmed cases has fallen to the lowest level in nearly four months.Inspired by this “hope”, several states have recently restarted businesses such as restaurants.To … Read more

A team from Wuhan University says the co-infection of influenza and XCMV could add fuel to the fire.

Ahead of winter in the northern hemisphere, scientists have warned that seasonal influenza may bring more challenges to the prevention and control of the new pandemic. Could seasonal influenza affect the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic?Is it necessary to increase flu vaccination in winter?There’s a lot of debate about this. On February 18 (local time), … Read more

Let healthy people infected with the covid, become a testing ground for the virus

Have you heard of the perverted game “Plague Company”?”Plague Company” is a strategy game based on infectious diseases, developed by the independent game studio Ndemic Creations in London, England.It frantically uses the virus to infect all mankind in order to achieve the dark purpose of exterminating all mankind, and the player is acting as the man behind … Read more