A girl under the age of 10 was diagnosed and had never travelled to the UK

According to Kyodo News, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan on the 22nd, a girl under the age of 10 in Tokyo was infected with a variant of novel coronavirus, which is spreading in the UK.
The girl has not travelled to the UK and is not known to have been in contact with anyone who has stayed in the UK.
The province said there was “a possibility of community infection” and that it was investigating the route of infection.

However, no other cases of the mutated virus have been detected in the more than 1,400 samples analyzed so far, and the governor of Ho Rau province said it was “not believed that the spread of infection is expanding”.
The girl has no symptoms but is currently hospitalized at a medical facility in Doune.

The ministry also announced that a woman in her 30s who entered Japan from the UK was confirmed to be infected with the mutated virus.
The woman developed symptoms on the 13th and is currently hospitalized at a medical institution in Dou Nei.

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