A new variant called Coronavirus is being investigated in the UK

A novel novel coronavirus is under investigation in England after two cases of the virus were confirmed, Public Health England said Wednesday.

Public Health England said the two cases, which were recently confirmed in southeast England, had listed the virus as a novel coronavirus variant ‘under investigation’ on March 4, naming it VUI-202103/01 (also known as B.1.324.1).

According to Public Health England, the VUI-202103/01 variant novel coronavirus contains two mutations known as “E484K” and “N501Y” that have also been observed in some previously discovered variant novel coronavirus.
Close contacts of the two confirmed cases have been more thoroughly tracked and no additional cases of infection have been detected.

Government figures released on Monday showed that 6,753 new cases of the new coronavirus had been confirmed in the UK that day, bringing the total to 4,241,677.
There were 181 new deaths, bringing the total number of deaths to 125,168.

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