After years of arthritis, it went into remission

Life will always encounter a lot of things out of control, such as many in the elderly will often be plagued by the problem of arthritis, frequent joint pain not only to the body to bring a lot of painful experience, the impact on daily life is also relatively large.
Many people do not know how to treat arthritis correctly because it is repeated all year long. In fact, we pay more attention to some habits in our daily life and adhere to reasonable exercise. We can also learn about positive quotient magnetic therapy paste, which is suitable for knee problems.

Get up early every day and stand on tiptoe

Tiptoe every day for 5 minutes, the benefits are very much, tiptoe calf muscles will continue to shrink and relax, can relieve tension and fatigue, delay life, but also can enhance the calf muscle, reduce the burden of lower limb joints, but also can promote heart function and blood circulation.
Tiptoe mainly with tiptoe force, adhere to 5 seconds or so to relax, and then continue to tiptoe, repeated 5 minutes is good.

Two, quadriceps exercises

Quadriceps is also a very important part of the upper body to support the weight, so by exercising the quadriceps, muscle function can be enhanced to reduce the burden of the knee joint, which has a very positive effect on the delay of knee joint degeneration.

The quadriceps muscle and can exercise movement way has a lot of, but considering to avoid knee weight-bearing situation, we can adopt the method of non-weight bearing, lying on the bed, place a rolled towel on knee back, then straighten the knee, leg hair force pressing down on them, to feel the leg contraction tension advisable, for ten seconds, then relax the process, and then repeat.

Three, walk slowly

Walking slowly walking is actually a kind of way, but in the process of action and speed requirements, because wear arthritis of knee joint has been degraded, can not stand the pressure of high intensity activities, so in the process to slowly go slow, at the rate of 60 per minute steps, his legs put light carry light, and as far as possible in the process of stretching the knee.

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