American doctors say that vaccination can become a “magnet”? It is also related to 5g signal tower

Will vaccination become a “magnet”? China is really speechless about this way of smearing. Is there nothing else for the United States to say? It was able to get the vaccine involved in the 5g tower. According to the report of the world wide web, an American doctor has made amazing remarks, saying something that people never thought of. The doctor said frankly that the existence of 5g tower will make people become “magnetized” while vaccinating. Subsequently, a large number of netizens made sarcastic remarks about this. Netizens said frankly that they never thought that the vaccine would have a relationship with 5g tower one day.
American doctor makes confused speech
According to the “Fox 8” report, recently, a health committee was held in Ohio, USA. during the meeting, an anti vaccine doctor made astonishing remarks and made exaggerated views. The doctor said that there may be a large number of metal components in the new crown vaccine. If the vaccine is injected in succession, it will make the vaccinator appear “magnetized”, thus forming interaction with the nearby 5g signal tower. The doctor’s name is Shirley Teng peini. Teng peini highly supports the latest bill to prevent enterprises and the government from continuing to vaccinate. Teng peini said that the vaccine has certain harm to the human body.
Teng peini pointed out that through some photos on the Internet, it can be found that many people put their keys on their heads after vaccination, and the keys will be directly sucked, which shows that people’s bodies have appeared magnetization after vaccination. Teng peini said frankly that the reason for this situation is that after investigation, it was found that the vaccine contained certain metal pieces. In this case, many people began to doubt whether there is some interactive relationship between the vaccine and 5g tower. Teng peini claimed that although the current situation has not been accurately confirmed, but I believe that through efforts, the answer can be quickly revealed. It will soon be known why this does not happen to people who have not been vaccinated.
It is understood that the reason why Teng peini said such a problem is that there have been very popular videos on the Internet recently. The video shows that many people can stick coins and refrigerator stickers directly on their arms after they have been vaccinated with the new crown vaccine. Such a picture is extremely misleading, leading some people to accept the “conspiracy theory” of vaccine. That is to make more and more people believe that the new crown vaccine does contain microchips and related metal substances that can be used to track Americans. However, some experts believe that what they see is not the truth. These people may have smeared oil on their bodies in advance, or they have oily skin at all.
Netizens ridiculed it
Of course, for such a statement, netizens are speechless, so they have to leave a message. Most netizens think that such a statement reflects the other party’s real stupidity. People once thought that the other party was too stupid to be stupid any more, but there were always people who would do more to make the situation more stupid. Some netizens said frankly that many people specially asked him about the existence of magnetism in the vaccine. I’m sorry, his answer is doomed to let the other side down. Because if you can know, then you don’t have to worry about not finding the key. Some netizens think that these people really don’t believe anything except scientific basis.
What is the relationship between Americans and conspiracy theory? Why does the United States always try to brainwash all kinds of problems? It can be seen that China can’t listen to this statement of American doctors, and even the Americans themselves feel incredible. However, facts have proved that behind some of the conspiracies of the United States, only one face after another will come. In fact, whether it is for Chinese vaccines or Western vaccines, the effectiveness of the vaccine itself maintains a certain degree, and both good and bad have necessary characteristics. It’s just about the vaccine involved in the 5g tower, which people really didn’t expect.
Seychelles president revises Chinese vaccine
In fact, it doesn’t need China to say much about whether the Chinese vaccine is effective or not. Many countries and regions that have used the Chinese vaccine can intuitively understand the answer. According to relevant media reports, recently, in order to help correct the name of China’s vaccine, the president of Seychelles personally came forward to clarify, claiming that the vaccine provided by China has provided very good services to the people of Seychelles. Seychelles president ram karawan said that it is totally incorrect to say that the Chinese vaccine has no effect on the people. On the contrary, the Chinese vaccine has brought great hope to the country. Without the support of China’s vaccine, the vaccination work in Seychelles would be very difficult to achieve the current success.
Ramkarawan said that up to now, Seychelles has completed a large number of vaccination, but there has not been any death after vaccination, so it is enough to prove the real efficacy of Chinese vaccine. Of course, in addition to Seychelles, Indonesia’s health minister also personally came down to refute rumors about China’s vaccine. Sadkin said frankly that 100% of the people in China can be saved from death after they have been vaccinated with the Chinese vaccine, and more than 96% can be saved from further hospitalization, which is enough to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Chinese vaccine. Sadkin believes that the role of China’s vaccine in Indonesia has brought remarkable results to Indonesia.

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