Through hormone regulation

Hormone regulation: regulated by chemicals secreted by endocrine organs (or cells) Hormone regulation is the main content of body fluid regulation, body fluid regulation and CO2,H, and so on. Distinction: hormone regulation and body fluid regulation Endocrine glands: no catheters, which are transported through body fluids to secrete hormones External secretion glands: there are catheters, … Read more

Steroid hormones

  Steroid hormones, also known as steroid hormones. It has great medical value. In the maintenance of life, regulating sexual function, the development of the body, immune regulation, skin disease treatment and birth control has a clear role. The discovery and development of steroid hormone drugs is an important stage in the development of the … Read more

University physics experiment report

University physics experiment report Experiment name Determination of refractive index of liquid by Abbe refractometer 【Purpose】 Understand the principle of the Abbe refractometer and learn how to adjust and use the Abbe refractometer. Master the method of measuring the refractive index of a substance using an Abbe refractometer. Determine the concentration of the glucose solution … Read more