That’s where the virus leaked in 19 years?

“Fort Detrick Biological Laboratory” and “Hill” have been among the top hot style trending terms on China’s Twitter-like Weibo for two consecutive days.The buzz was sparked by a post titled “Sorry, we played an evil role in the Covid-19 outbreak.”The author of the post, “@Samantha Hill,” described himself as an “Indian American who fled the … Read more

Disputes arose at the WHO meeting, the United States asked China to hand over information on the new crown virus

After the World Health Organization (WHO) expert group arrived in China, the World Health Organization held an executive committee meeting on January 18. The United States asked China to hand over information documents related to the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2), and China emphasized to stop political pressure . The United States insists that the new crown … Read more

The mutated virus, Merkel said, was “the British virus”.

As we all know, in December of 2020, the United Kingdom announced the emergence of a novel coronavirus variant.The mutant novel coronavirus is an evolved version of the previous one, so while it doesn’t have much of a change in lethality, it is much more contagious.Influenced by this mutant novel coronavirus, the anti-epidemic situation around … Read more

Brazil found that a new variant of the new coronavirus from the country infects patient zero

The health supervision agency of Amazonas State in Brazil confirmed on the 13th that a 30-year-old woman living in Manaus, the state‚Äôs capital, was infected with a new variant of the new crown virus in Brazil. The zero patient has been infected with new coronary pneumonia twice, and the second infection time was from November … Read more

Several clusters of the mutated virus have been detected in France and the authorities are stepping up their response

French authorities confirmed Monday that several cases of the mutant novel coronavirus infection have been found, and are stepping up efforts to cut the chain of transmission as soon as possible. French health minister Velan said the same day, French health authorities have found several cases of the mutation virus cluster infection in France, is … Read more