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Increase the amount of hormones for pregnancy, the swelling of the lower limbs of women is originally a thrombus

During the pregnancy preparation period, the young woman was eager to increase the use of pregnancy-preparing hormone drugs by herself. She developed lower extremity swelling. When she went to the hospital, it turned out to be a lower extremity vein thrombosis. On the 25th, experts reminded that hormonal drugs will increase the risk of thrombosis … Read more

A few dollars for a bottle of vitamin B12 may “improve” these three diseases

Now people’s living conditions have improved, but now many people’s physical quality and other aspects are not so good, and even many people’s bodies will lack a lot of trace elements. Our body needs a variety of nutrients, but for trace elements we need less, but they are also indispensable. For example, if there is … Read more

Osteoporosis ≠ calcium deficiency? It’s time to tell you the truth

A hug can break a ribSneezing can break the spineDo a square danceCan scrap your “career”This is not a jokeBones are “crispy”Maybe it was“Silent killer”——OsteoporosisIf the bones of normal peopleIt’s marbleSo the bone of osteoporosis partnerIt’s like honeycomb briquette206 bones like honeycomb briquette“Building high” in human bodyIt’s going to collapse sooner or laterWelcomeAuthority, easy grounding, … Read more