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Osteoporosis people, 4 kinds of home cooking to eat less, eat more afraid of bone “instability”

Of osteoporosis, compared to a lot of people are not strange, many old people around may have already started to suffer from osteoporosis, not only affect their physiological activities, also own mood and enjoy eating, so in order to own bone health and personal life is not affected, prevention and mitigation of osteoporosis need extra … Read more

Alert! 4 warning gastrointestinal disease and stomach whole bowel pill available analgesia, effectively relieve diarrhea

The gastrointestinal tract is the body’s largest immune organ, the largest detoxification organ, but it is also very fragile, a little attention may cause gastrointestinal diseases.Some ordinary gastrointestinal discomfort is likely to be the precursor of stomach disease, different gastrointestinal diseases show different symptoms, you can take a look. Excessive stomach acid Gastric acid is … Read more

Heart attacks are scary and you don’t want to be “threatened” with your life all the time?

Heart disease is a terrible disease for many people, because heart attack may directly threaten the patient’s life.However, if people with heart disease do their daily maintenance, they can greatly reduce their risk of developing the disease.So, heart disease daily maintenance in the end how to do it? Heart disease daily health care needs to … Read more

Basic immunology of asthma

In many patients with asthma, chronic airway inflammation is driven by Th2 cells, or ILC2, which produce IL-4, IL-5-, and IL-13.Type 2 cytokines promote the hallmarks of the disease, such as eosinophilia, mucus hypersecretion, bronchial hyperresponsiveness (BHR), IgE production, and susceptibility to exacerbation. The review, entitled “The Basic Immunology of Asthma,” was published online March … Read more

2 Dietitian Diets Suggested to Reduce Constipation and Fight Inflammation for Kids

Now is the season of a large number of pineapple on the market, the price is not expensive, the taste is sweet, so many mothers buy home to share with their children.Although some varieties are called “pineapple”, they are in fact of the same family as the common “pineapple” on the market. However, after improvement, … Read more

A new variant called Coronavirus is being investigated in the UK

A novel novel coronavirus is under investigation in England after two cases of the virus were confirmed, Public Health England said Wednesday. Public Health England said the two cases, which were recently confirmed in southeast England, had listed the virus as a novel coronavirus variant ‘under investigation’ on March 4, naming it VUI-202103/01 (also known … Read more

Peptide vision and flavanol is the cosmetics OEM factory of the old giant!

Peptides are combinations of peptides, small molecules of collagen that are naturally found in the skin.Cosmetics contract manufacturers have shown that polypeptides are effective in improving fine lines. They are milder than retinol and suitable for all skin types.Peptides are a large family, so it is common to add a specific number to the end … Read more

Syrian President and wife tested positive for new coronavirus

According to the Jerusalem Post, Syrian President Bashar al Assad and his wife ASMA tested positive for the new coronavirus on the 8th, after they had mild symptoms.Syrian President Bashar al Assad and his wife ASMA al Assad received nucleic acid tests for the new coronavirus after showing mild symptoms similar to the new coronavirus … Read more