Brain abscesses that do not respond to anti-inflammatory treatments can be surgically removed

Yesterday’s second surgery patients in recent days appear have a headache, hospital skull CT examination doubt won the “brain”, further examination of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) is found after brain abscesses (figure 1 ~ 3), gives anti-inflammatory therapy and directional puncture flushing, and continue to anti-inflammatory treatment, postoperative symptoms improved, symptoms aggravated again after 3 days, ten days after review of significant increase in nuclear magnetic abscess (FIG. 4 ~ 6)

After thorough excision of the abscess and surrounding edema tissue, it was found that the abscess communicated with the nasal cavity through the right ethmoid plate, the “abscess” was thoroughly cleared through the nasal cavity, and the inflammatory ethmoid plate was removed by transcranial ablation, and the skull base was reconstructed (Figure 7 ~ 9).

The patient had a history of nasal polyp surgery seven years ago, and had been on medication for hypertension and diabetes, which were well controlled.

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