Britain enters’ darkest hour ‘as virus mutates

The UK became an “isolated island” overnight. More than 40 countries and regions around the world issued a travel ban on the UK. In particular, the UK’s neighbors adopted different time limits such as 24 or 48 hours, and the transport of goods was also blocked.
Novel Coronavirus has mutated in The UK, with a rapid increase in infectiousness. After the virus mutation was discovered in September, more than two thirds of those infected in the UK are now infected by the mutated virus.
On 23 December, British Health Secretary Matt Hancock said that a second mutation of a novel coronavirus had been discovered in the UK.
According to the epidemiological investigation, both patients had contact with someone with a history of travel to South Africa.
The UK has also adopted an emergency travel ban for South Africa, and the impact of the viral mutation is still being assessed, but can see the UK novel Coronavirus storm building up.

In three or four months, the mutated virus never existed and now spread “ferociously”, the reason is that after the mutation, the virus is more infectious, the evaluation of different research results varies, but the more “neutral” statement is that the mutated virus is 70% more infectious than the original virus.
The spread of the virus is exponential and will change the situation in a short time.
Virus mutation is not strange. In the process of virus transmission, there will be a series of mutations, as is the case with novel Coronavirus. Generally speaking, the more contagious avirus is, the less virulent it may be, so the virus needs to find a suitable host instead of killing all the hosts.
There is no evidence that the virus mutated in the UK is more lethal, but that does not mean that this wave of outbreaks will not have a major impact.

The mutated virus could quickly replace the existing one, leading to a wave of more severe outbreaks, with rising numbers of confirmed cases and deaths in countries such as Britain and Germany.
The only consolation is that vaccines have been developed to deal with mutated viruses.
But the caveat is that if the virus continues to mutate, there could be what’s called “vaccine flight,” in which the virus mutates so that the vaccine it’s already made doesn’t work and continues to infect people.
Following the COVID-19 outbreak, experts in the field of public health considered novel Coronavirus to be a very cunning virus because of its constant mutation.
The mutated virus that has appeared in The UK and South Africa is still in its infancy and scientists do not fully understand it.
South African public health officials fear the mutated virus could lead to an AIDS-like pandemic.

Novel Coronavirus has mutated and caused increasing viral spread in the UK and may mean a more serious time for the COVID-19 epidemic.
Not only are there more cases in the UK, but people in neighbouring countries have also been infected with the mutated virus.
The emergency travel ban imposed on countries has had a relatively serious impact on the UK, particularly in terms of disrupted supplies and daily life.
The prevention and control of COVID-19 is a systematic project that requires the cooperation of all countries. The past year’s experience in epidemic prevention and control shows that wearing masks and isolation are still simple and effective measures.

In the face of epidemic prevention and control, we need to be 100 percent honest, and take life as the ultimate goal.
Novel Coronavirus is a once-in-a-century plague in which models such as “herd immunity” can hardly fight off avirus, let alone win.
COVID-19 is also a great plague in the highly developed era of human medicine. People can study and understand the virus in the shortest time, and at the same time, they have developed a vaccine in less than one year and started to promote and inject it on a large scale.
Fundamentally speaking, only when a system of virus resistance is established and immunity is formed can we coexist with the virus, or novel Coronavirus can be turned into a regular virus and novel coronavirus into a regular epidemic.

Novel Coronavirus mutation in UK and South Africa has posed a great challenge, that is, the virus is too “cunning”. Due to the constant mutation, the virus resistance system of human also needs to be constantly upgraded, and the fight against the virus will become a protracted and arduous battle.
After the virus mutated, Britain and other European countries became the hardest hit by the epidemic, and countries including Germany and France adopted very strict quarantine measures.
Some media commented that the epidemic prevention policy of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was a failure. He could have enacted stricter epidemic prevention measures, but he hesitated.
In contrast, Germany has adopted very strict prevention and control measures. Although there has been a lot of public backlash and Merkel has come under great pressure, The overall prevention and control of the epidemic in Germany has been more successful.

This year with the “war” of the virus to let people gradually understand a truth, differences in human social organization mode is just little things, virus exists SanSiShiYiNian on earth, and human political history but only a few thousand years, human beings cannot eliminate the virus, only with the coexistence of natural death, or virus in the presence of the virus, individual freedom must obey collective or group the values of life.
The mutation is a response to the human control system, and scientists believe that the elderly and the frail are breeding grounds for the mutation.

Prime Minister Johnson once “clicked coronavirus” and “battled” with coronavirus. However, it seems that the British Government did not regard epidemic prevention and control as a “safe” issue concerning the life and health of the British people.
Johnson issues of concern is the take off the negotiations, the negotiations bogged down, Johnson flew to Brussels, der leyen for talks with President of the European commission, the incident happened during the meeting with journalists, der leyen requirements “social distance” Johnson, look, this is not only the UK’s metaphor, also is der leyen instinct “epidemic”.
It can also be seen that there is still a big difference between the British people’s concept of epidemic prevention and control and that of continental Europe.

The mutation apparently caused a bit of panic in Europe, where countries issued travel bans almost immediately and Brexit dragged on, but in the face of the virus, Britain was indeed “out of the European Union”.
This is the darkest hour for Britain and the ultimate test of Mr Johnson’s ability to govern.

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