Canada announces source of virus

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) reported Tuesday that Richmond was the city with the lowest rate of infection in British Columbia.

Gene sequencing analysis revealed that the novel Coronavirus strain in the province was mainly originated from Canada, the United States and Europe, rather than China.

Chang ‘an Street’s governor noted that the coVID-19 data were released more than four months after British Columbia officials withheld the data to avoid stigmatizing certain communities.
In fact, Richmond, a predominantly Chinese city, was once thought to be the source of the epidemic in the province.

CBC report screenshot
Because British Columbia borders the Pacific and is traditionally home to a large Chinese population, coVID-19 fears were among the earliest, and xenophobia against Chinese is rife.

Canada media reported that police data showed that hate crimes against Asians in the Vancouver area increased eightfold during the epidemic compared to the same period last year.
Many people with racist sentiments blame the coVID-19 epidemic on Ethnic Chinese and spread racist hate speech everywhere.

Data released on Thursday directly vindicated Chinese americans.

Richmond, whose population of about 200,000 includes 54 percent Chinese, has the lowest infection rate in the greater Vancouver area, according to the data.
With a cumulative infection rate of 44 per 100,000 people, the city has the lowest proportion of confirmed cases in British Columbia’s population.

There has been no new case in Richmond since May 18, the only one in the province’s low continental plain.

Richard Phillips, an infectious disease specialist at Columbia University, said the data were “compelling evidence of the effectiveness of the Chinese community’s response to the epidemic,” similar to what has been happening in ethnic Chinese communities around the world.

But that figure was clearly released too late.

An article on the website of Hong Kong’s South China Morning Post, titled “Anti-Chinese Virus spreads in Vancouver, but Data that could have broken the racial discrimination epidemic chain were kept secret,” said it was completely wrong to equate the epidemic and its spread in British Columbia with Chinese.

“An earlier release of these figures might have helped reduce the embers of anti-China sentiment,” it said.

Why didn’t the local authorities release the figures early to avoid fostering anti-China sentiment?
The official reason is ironic.

A few months ago, Bonnie Henry, British Columbia’s health minister, defended withholding regional coVID-19 statistics.
She cited two reasons: to avoid stigmatizing people in areas with high infection rates and to prevent carelessness in areas with low infection rates.

The data released On Thursday also included genome sequencing of 700 to 800 virus samples, suggesting that China is not the direct source of most of the infection chains in British Columbia.

Henry acknowledged that it was “no surprise” that the initial case in British Columbia in January did involve a novel Coronavirus from Wuhan.
But those cases ended quickly, and those chains of infection quickly broke down.

File photo of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
Canada’s official information on coVID-19 is not transparent and has been questioned by the public.

Canada’s National Post reported on May 26 that half of Canadians believe they are not getting the full truth about COVID-19 from their government, according to a new poll.

As previously reported by the Governor of Chang ‘an Avenue, many countries have confirmed that the leading country of origin of their novel Coronavirus is the United States.

On April 30, the National Post of Canada reported that although the coVID-19 outbreak started in China, it was US travellers who brought the virus to Canada.

Screenshots from the National Post
According to a study released by Tel Aviv University on May 18, about 70 percent of coVID-19 cases in Israel were infected with a strain of the virus that originated in the United States.

Analysis from the Australian Department of Health shows that imported cases account for a high proportion of the more than 6,900 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Australia, with the US being one of the leading countries of origin of the virus in Australia.

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