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A new variant called Coronavirus is being investigated in the UK

A novel novel coronavirus is under investigation in England after two cases of the virus were confirmed, Public Health England said Wednesday. Public Health England said the two cases, which were recently confirmed in southeast England, had listed the virus as a novel coronavirus variant ‘under investigation’ on March 4, naming it VUI-202103/01 (also known … Read more

Syrian President and wife tested positive for new coronavirus

According to the Jerusalem Post, Syrian President Bashar al Assad and his wife ASMA tested positive for the new coronavirus on the 8th, after they had mild symptoms.Syrian President Bashar al Assad and his wife ASMA al Assad received nucleic acid tests for the new coronavirus after showing mild symptoms similar to the new coronavirus … Read more

A Mutant Virus Spreads Virus in Brazil on the verge of collapse

On 5 March it was reported that COVID-19 had caused death and despair in Brazil.Brazil is one of the worst affected countries in the world.Now, a year after the outbreak, Brazil is setting another record of suffering. No other country that has experienced such a major outbreak is still grappling with a record number of … Read more

The mutated new coronavirus has spread to 19 prefectures in Japan, and the proportion of mutated virus infection has increased in some areas

The proportion of mutated viruses in the tested samples has increased significantly, and the proportion has been close to half recently.Japan’s Ministry of health, labor and welfare said on the 4th that up to now, the areas with highly infectious variant new coronavirus have been expanded to 19 prefectures. Experts believe that “compared with the … Read more

The study says the new coronavirus found in the Brazilian Amazon state is more contagious

According to the Brazilian press 2 daily, a researcher from Sao Paulo university and Oxford University in Brazil, the state of Brazil found that the new crown virus, called p.1, has a stronger infection than the common new crown virus.The article said the researchers ordered the genome of 184 confirmed patients in the city of … Read more

Experts interpret adenovirus vector vaccine: Single injection speed up the construction of immune barrier

In the Covid-19 prevention and control and vaccine application expert media communication conference held in Beijing yesterday, experts pointed out that the recombinant novel coronavirus vaccine (adenovirus type 5 vector) uses a single injection method, is to allow as many people as possible to vaccinate, as soon as possible to suppress the trend of the … Read more

New coronavirus mutants appear in many places in the United States

Although the number of novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in the United States has dropped recently, there have been many COVID-19 variants in many states. This poses new challenges to the US epidemic prevention and control.According to several US media reports, researchers from Columbia University and California Institute of technology recently reported that a new variant … Read more

Caution: Chinese scientists have discovered and named a new virus that causes fever and dizziness in humans

Virus, virus, virus again! Since the outbreak of Xinguan, the word “virus” has filled all people’s lives, and every new news has drawn the hearts of the public. Chinese experts have identified and named two new infectious viruses that live on a common insect in our lives. A team in China has discovered two new … Read more

Modena develops booster needles for novel coronavirus variant

Biotech firm Modena said Wednesday it is working with scientists employed by the U.S. government to develop a booster needle against the mutated virus on top of its existing crown vaccine, and will increase vaccine production. Mr. Modena said the company has the raw materials for a vaccine specifically designed for the novel coronavirus variant … Read more