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Osteoporosis ≠ calcium deficiency? It’s time to tell you the truth

A hug can break a ribSneezing can break the spineDo a square danceCan scrap your “career”This is not a jokeBones are “crispy”Maybe it was“Silent killer”——OsteoporosisIf the bones of normal peopleIt’s marbleSo the bone of osteoporosis partnerIt’s like honeycomb briquette206 bones like honeycomb briquette“Building high” in human bodyIt’s going to collapse sooner or laterWelcomeAuthority, easy grounding, … Read more

People with heart disease can benefit from heart health through exercise

The heart is the most important organ in the body and is responsible for the circulation of blood. If the heart has problems, our health will be harmed. Because of irregular work and rest and many bad habits in life, many people suffer from heart disease, but these people do not know what should be … Read more

Children get influenza and use antibiotics quickly?

Most colds are caused by virus infection. Influenza is a disease caused by influenza virus infection. Antibiotics can only kill bacteria and have no effect on viruses. Therefore, antibiotics have no therapeutic effect on influenza. But some children will have bacterial infections after the flu, so they need to use antibiotics under the guidance of … Read more

Women appear these 4 symptoms to be alert, the possibility is low estrogen

Estrogen is an umbrella for women throughout their lives, including secondary sexual characteristics, internal environment, and reproductive ability and sexual desire.Estrogen plays an irreplaceable role in female development and reproduction. It can promote and maintain reproductive organs and secondary sexual characteristics, participate in endocrine, metabolism and cardio-cerebrovascular system, and affect bone growth and maturity.But with … Read more

The woman insists to take vitamin B2, time is long, what influence can the body have?

Introduction: now most people pay special attention to health, often take health products and vitamins, enhance immunity.Vitamins play an important role in the body, the importance of the body is self-evident, usually through the diet to supplement vitamins.Vitamin B2 can not be synthesized in the human body, and it needs to be obtained through food. … Read more