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Novel Coronavirus may not have Originated in China, says Oxford University expert

Novel Coronavirus may not have originated in China, according to a study by an expert from The University of Oxford, UK. The novel coronavirus has been dormant all over the world and will trigger periodic outbreaks once the conditions are right. Several pieces of evidence support the expert’s guess The Oxford University professor named Tom … Read more

What should I do if the diabetic has mistyped insulin?

It’s more than 23:30, and suddenly found a message from a diabetic friend: “Is the teacher online?” There must be something wrong, otherwise who will bother at midnight? Fortunately, I saw it. “Tonight, 16 units of long-acting insulin detemir were mistakenly made into quick-acting insulin aspart, what can we do?” I have encountered this problem … Read more

Novel Coronavirus antibody was found to be highly effective neutralizing

Recently, Tsinghua University announced that it will cooperate with the National Clinical Research Center for Infectious Diseases to study and isolate the high-activity neutralizing antibody, which lays a solid foundation for the development of novel Coronavirus antibody drug. At present, the production and clinical research of the high-activity neutralizing antibody is being pushed forward with … Read more

The Armenian prime minister was diagnosed with novel coronavirus

Yerevan – Armenian prime minister yasushi pashinyan announced on social media on June 1 that he and his family have been infected with novel coronavirus. Mr. Pashinyan said he himself tested positive for a novel coronavirus in routine tests, and his family was subsequently confirmed to be infected with a novel coronavirus in subsequent tests.He … Read more

One hundred thousand people died in silence, so why did a black man die?

What has happened in the United States over the past few months has been like a dystopian movie: covid-19 has swept the country, killing 100,000 people with an unheard-of virus;As 40 million americans file for unemployment benefits, protests against the blockade continue.Police brutality has led to the deaths of black men and sparked fire and … Read more

Repeated outbreaks of new pandemics are inevitable because of global trade and travel

It is often said that the only thing we can learn from history is that we can learn nothing. If you look back at the history of the global plague over the past century or so, you will find that this is not quite the case.In the case of plagues, the truth is that plagues … Read more

The safety and efficacy of covid-19 inactivated vaccine has been verified and it is expected to be on the market by the end of this year or early next year

Vaccines are the most effective means of preventing and controlling the spread of the virus, which is also crucial to China’s eventual victory over the epidemic.Sinopharm group disclosed on May 29 that the clinical data of more than 2,000 cases showed that the safety and efficacy of the vaccine had been fully verified, and the … Read more

DYNAM JAPAN cuts costs in response to outbreak

Japanese pinball machine operator DYNAM JAPAN (06889-hk) reported a profit of 141.919 billion yuan (yen) for the year ended march, down 3% from a year earlier.Net profit attributable to shareholders was 12.748 billion yuan, up 1.2% year on year;Earnings per share: 16.6 yuan;The final dividend is $3.Kueno katsuda, an executive at the company, said that … Read more

Through hormone regulation

Hormone regulation: regulated by chemicals secreted by endocrine organs (or cells) Hormone regulation is the main content of body fluid regulation, body fluid regulation and CO2,H, and so on. Distinction: hormone regulation and body fluid regulation Endocrine glands: no catheters, which are transported through body fluids to secrete hormones External secretion glands: there are catheters, … Read more