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“Silver-plated” nanoparticles deliver antibiotics precisely to lesions

A nanoparticle has been developed by the Russian State Research and Technical University to deliver antibiotics to the target of an infection, reducing the dose of antibiotics to 1/6 to 1/7 of the original dose, reducing the side effects of antibiotics and reducing the development of resistance to pathogens.The study is in the Journal of … Read more

A 16-year-old girl had a sudden back pain due to a tumor on her spine

“The recovery is very good, the walking time with braces can be extended gradually, and more attempts to do lower limb rehabilitation.”On the morning of February 26th, Professor Li Feng of Tongji Hospital was giving a second visit to a patient suffering from a rare spinal tumor via video link.At the other end of the … Read more

University physics experiment report

University physics experiment report Experiment name Determination of refractive index of liquid by Abbe refractometer 【Purpose】 Understand the principle of the Abbe refractometer and learn how to adjust and use the Abbe refractometer. Master the method of measuring the refractive index of a substance using an Abbe refractometer. Determine the concentration of the glucose solution … Read more