Coronaviruses generally do not infect these three types of people

Now the people of the country are united in their efforts to fight the epidemic, and countless medical workers are at the forefront of the fight, the spirit of the moving.
However, we see that the number of confirmed infections is still rising every day. People are responding to the call to stay indoors or stay indoors less to avoid the secondary spread of the virus and doing their part in the fight against the epidemic.
Yet even as novel coronavirus is terrifying, there are three classes of people they can’t easily offend. Come in and see, are you one of them?

One: people with strong immunity

Immunity is the best doctor, immunity is the combat effectiveness of every one of us the human immune system, fighting capacity is higher, the coronavirus is helpless to you, the higher the immunity of people, usually a cold fever fever, and so on and so forth basically won’t appear, the immune cells in the human body each organ patrol, found that insurgents so directly, so how to improve their immunity, will rely on you more sport exercise more at ordinary times, also, don’t stay up late!
But it is important to note that even if your immunity is strong, do not have to go outside the crowded places to test, to die oh!

Two: people with good diet structure

Many young friend at ordinary times like spicy, hot pot cuisine is their favorite, and there are many friend is keen on Fried food, there are many people who will also am late delivery, actually these are intangible between ruin your body, we are not saying that these things are not to eat, but you should pay more attention to their diet structure adjustment, more vegetarian, eating more fruits and vegetables, rather than the daily sea eat drink all day, his body is screwed!

Three: people with good personal hygiene and awareness of prevention

Whether or not there is this epidemic, pay attention to hygiene at any time is right, wash your hands frequently every day, more ventilation, do not create a suitable environment for the virus, pay more attention to their own health, less go out, the virus will be killed in the cradle!

In summary, the virus is afraid of self-discipline, in order to eliminate the epidemic, first of all to manage their own, when they have a healthy body, a strong body, the virus will naturally quietly slip away, we can also overcome the epidemic.

Also, there is an old Chinese saying: disease does not come to a dutiful son’s door.

The ancients said: Benevolent life.

Is to let us more filial piety parents, poor;
Be kind to all living beings, cherish all living things, and be grateful for all

That is to accumulate blessings for themselves, but also can be good to avoid evil, the death of the auspicious!

At the critical moment, our firm belief, kindness at ordinary times, accumulated merit and strict discipline… will all become our good luck and shield.

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