Environmental endocrine disruptors, the invisible killer of male reproductive health

The development of human history, the progress of civilization, especially the process of industrialization are now gradually accelerating, and material civilization has indeed improved qualitatively, but behind this, it will also bring more and more problems. An invisible killer is gradually “swallowing” male reproductive sexual health.

Outpatients often encounter a class of patients, the quality of semen is very poor, but it is difficult to find the real cause of various examinations, we medically call this type of infertility “idiopathic infertility”. But is there really no reason to find no reason? In fact, this is not the case. The special product of the progress of human civilization-“environmental endocrine disruptors”, or EEDs for short, may be the “invisible killer” behind the decline of male reproductive ability.

EEDs are mainly derived from petroleum, electronics, pesticides, industrial plastics, decorative coatings, etc., and some even come from some foods. As long as humans are exposed or exposed to water, air, soil, and food contaminated with these harmful substances, they may actively or passively ingest them. Cleansers, hair dyes, cosmetics, and hormone drugs used in medical supplies are all important sources of EEDs.

So, how do EEDs affect male reproductive health?

We know that the male reproductive system is regulated by hormones secreted by the body itself. If there is interference from endocrine hormones in the external environment, the body’s own secretion function will be disordered, which will eventually affect fertility.

External hormones can compete with human receptors and interfere with the binding of normal ligands and receptors. The intervention of external environmental hormones is like a family that is not too wealthy. A lot of foreigners have come. In order to take care of these foreigners, their families can only tighten their belts to live their lives. Eventually, they have become undernourished.

These environmental hormones can also directly cause germ cell damage, including damage to the function of supporting cells and interstitial cells. Sertoli cells are the mainstay of sperm production, and stromal cells are the main cells of male androgen secretion. One can imagine what the consequences will be!

Therefore, the modern version of men seems to be accompanying EEDs every day, and fighting EEDs every day. Many male reproductive problems that are difficult to explain are closely related to the existence of EEDs. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is an “invisible killer”.

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