European countries jointly invested 750 million euros to purchase 300 million new coronavirus vaccines in advance

On Monday, it was reported that European countries agreed to pay 750 million euros for 300 million new coronavirus vaccines developed by AstraZeneca. Italy, Germany, France and the Netherlands have confirmed their agreement to initially pay 750 million euros to AstraZeneca for 300 million new coronavirus vaccines, which could be launched as early as the end of this year, the Italian health minister said.
Forexlive commented that it was obviously a large amount of money, but it was also one of the measures taken by the government to appease the renewed panic surrounding the outbreak.
In fact, AstraZeneca’s vaccine is still in clinical trials, and even if the trial is successful, it will take time for regulators to judge whether the vaccine is safe and effective, and then decide whether to approve it for marketing. But when the government is involved, there is more hope for regulatory approval.
It should be noted that at the same time, the German government also invested in the messenger RNA company curevac, holding a 23% stake worth 300 million euros to support the development of the new coronavirus vaccine.
According to another British report, following the introduction of the vaccine developed by Oxford University into human trials, the vaccine human trials of Imperial University of technology will also be approved today, starting as early as Wednesday. The first batch of participants will receive the injection 48 hours after the physical examination, and the second batch of 6000 people will receive the injection if successful. According to the daily mail, if the experiment is successful, the vaccine costs only three pounds per person. But Robin shattock, the project leader, said that even if the experiment was successful, the vaccine would not be available until 2021 at the earliest.
The UK government now hopes that a vaccine developed by Oxford University, which has already entered the human trial stage, will be available as early as September.

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