Experts interpret adenovirus vector vaccine: Single injection speed up the construction of immune barrier

In the Covid-19 prevention and control and vaccine application expert media communication conference held in Beijing yesterday, experts pointed out that the recombinant novel coronavirus vaccine (adenovirus type 5 vector) uses a single injection method, is to allow as many people as possible to vaccinate, as soon as possible to suppress the trend of the pandemic.
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(Against Covid-19) Experts Explain Adenovirus Vector-Vaccine: Single Needle Delivery Speedens the Construction of an Immune barrier Beijing, March 1 (reporter Li Chun)
At the Covid-19 prevention and control and vaccine application expert media communication conference held in Beijing yesterday, Konsino Biotech Co., Ltd. Chairman Yu Xuefeng said that the recombinant novel Coronavirus vaccine (adenovirus type 5 vector) is used for single-needle vaccination, in order to vaccinate as many people as possible, as soon as possible to suppress the trend of the pandemic.

China’s National Medical Products Administration (SDA) on February 25 approved the application for conditional registration of the recombinant novel Coronavirus vaccine (adenovirus vector type 5) from ConcornoBio Inc.
The vaccine was developed by a team led by Chen Wei, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and researcher of the Academy of Military Medicine under the Academy of Military Sciences, in cooperation with Consino Biotech. It is also the first new crown vaccine of adenovirus vector approved in China.

According to published reports, Kevesar is immunized with a single dose, which can be stored at 2 to 8 degrees Celsius for a long time and is given to people aged 18 and older.
On March 16, 2020, the vaccine in wuhan lead the Ⅰ phase of clinical trial, in wuhan on April 12, enter Ⅱ phase of clinical trials.
The vaccine global development center in September Ⅲ phase of clinical trial, in five countries of more than 70 clinical research center of more than 40000 participants.

Communication will also revealed that day, and the vaccine Ⅲ phase of clinical trial, according to the results of the 14 days after a single needle inoculation can produce effective protection, overall protective efficacy of 68.83% of all symptoms, to severe protective efficacy of 95.47%.
In addition to producing efficient humoral immunity, it can also induce cellular immune response.

The vaccine uses a single-dose vaccination program, aiming to expand vaccine coverage and build a barrier to herd immunity as soon as possible, Yu said, so that the pandemic can stop as soon as possible.
In general, Ⅲ phase of clinical trials to look for the term of protection of the vaccine a year, but in the current outbreak of the new champions league against the background of global pandemic not so plenty of time, and this is why the vaccine now approved listed is “conditional”.

Review more than a year to a new global champions league vaccine research and development process, China this restructuring will be the earliest coronavirus vaccine type (5) adenovirus vector into clinical trials, but before its listing application for registration is approved, there have been two new crown inactivated vaccine by China’s state food and drug administration conditional approal, also have a new crown inactivated vaccine on February 25, on the same day with approved.

Why is it the first clinical trial in the world but not the first to be approved for marketing?
Yu feng expresses, vaccine in five countries more than 70 clinical research center to develop global multicenter Ⅲ period clinical research, standard strictly, process is very complicated.
This delayed development, but ensured that the results stood up to scrutiny.

Stable storage at 2 to 8 degrees Celsius is a major feature of the vaccine.
This makes the vaccine easy to transport and store, reduces the burden on grass-roots vaccine use points and improves the accessibility of the vaccine, Yu said.

At present, the United Kingdom, South Africa, Brazil, Japan and other countries have reported the detection of mutant novel coronavirus, and even become the dominant strain in some places.
Whether the current vaccine can cope with the virus mutation is a topic of constant concern.

According to Yu Xuefeng, the protective effect of the new crown vaccine is not very different for most of the strains that have emerged so far, even if the key sites of the new crown vaccine have changed, affecting the effectiveness of the existing vaccine. With the current production technology, the new crown vaccine can be rapidly updated.

When it comes to virus mutation, Feng Luzhao, executive vice president of the School of Group Medicine and Public Health of Peking Union Medical College, pointed out that the focus is on whether the mutation occurs at the key sites of the virus genes, which will affect the transmission and pathogenicity of the virus, the effect of the vaccine, and the sensitivity of the detection reagent.

“The general variation is like ‘changing clothes’ and it doesn’t affect my recognition of you.
But if you do plastic surgery and you change a particularly important feature, that important mutation could affect the character of the virus and affect how well the vaccine works.”
Feng Luzhao said.

When it comes to the future coexistence of novel coronavirus and human beings, Feng Luzhao believes that the relevant trend and state are not yet certain, and people’s understanding of this virus is still deepening, but there are three points that can be confirmed.

First of all, different from SARS, most of the patients with severe disease are infected with novel coronavirus. There are a large number of asymptomatic patients infected with novel coronavirus, which makes it difficult to eradicate it.
Second, if cases are detected early and controlled well, the proportion of severe and fatal cases will be lower and lower.
Third, the timing of a genuine return to the pre-epidemic state depends on the natural infection and immunization coverage of the population.

Mr. Feng also said that seasonal outbreaks of Covid-19 in winter and spring could not be ruled out in the future, but the ‘annual’ or ‘every three years and every five years’ depends on the duration of the population’s immunity to novel coronavirus.

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