French Health Minister: Curfew effective but not enough to kill novel coronavirus

On the afternoon of January 28, local time, French Health Minister Jens Whelan held a press conference on the current situation of the new French crown disease.

Whelan said the current 1800-6am “curfew” in France was having a practical effect, preventing the outbreak from getting worse and allowing the situation to stabilize.

△ French Health Minister Olivier Whelan

On the other hand, Whelan said that with the new strain of the virus already circulating in France, the curfew did not appear to be effective enough to stop the virus from accelerating its spread.
As of now, 60 percent of the beds in major hospitals in France are filled by newly crowned patients, and the pressure on medical institutions is increasing.
Whelan added that the French government has been doing everything it can to protect the physical health of the French people, and will continue to do so in the future, taking into account the impact of the outbreak on people’s mental health.

According to reports, about 2,000 people infected with novel coronavirus every day in France are infected by the new coronavirus.
As of January 27, more than 3.1 million patients with CoviD-19 have been diagnosed in France, totaling 3,106,859 cases.

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