Heart attacks are scary and you don’t want to be “threatened” with your life all the time?

Heart disease is a terrible disease for many people, because heart attack may directly threaten the patient’s life.
However, if people with heart disease do their daily maintenance, they can greatly reduce their risk of developing the disease.
So, heart disease daily maintenance in the end how to do it?

Heart disease daily health care needs to keep these points in mind:

One, do not drink alcohol

Drinking alcohol for a long time has a great impact on the body and mind of patients, and may even cause patients to be hampered in the treatment of heart disease.
The reason for this is that excessive consumption of ethanol over a long period of time can reduce the ability of the heart muscle to contract. It can also increase the burden on the heart and lead to arrhythmias.
Once you have multiple heart abnormalities, it is more difficult to treat them.
People with heart disease are advised to avoid alcohol or risk putting their lives at risk through their own drinking.

Two, do not smoke

Tobacco contains nicotine, which, when it gets into your body, causes your heart to beat faster and raises your blood pressure.
In addition, abnormalities such as increased heart oxygen consumption, increased platelet adhesion, and vasospasm may occur.
Because of this, the incidence of coronary heart disease among smokers is much higher than that of non-smokers.
Therefore, if you already have heart disease, you must stop smoking, otherwise you will cause angina pectoris because of your smoking, and even sudden death may occur and other serious consequences.

Third, thin body

If there is overweight or obesity and other abnormal conditions, so, the burden of the heart will naturally increase a lot because of this.
Therefore, for the patients who have heart disease, it is very important to control their weight.
Some related studies have found that the risk of cholesterol and coronary heart disease will increase if the body weight is more than 10 percent. The more overweight the body, the greater the risk of coronary heart disease and diabetes will be.

Therefore, it is recommended that patients with poor heart must lose weight.
Because of the heart disease itself, we must pay attention to the method when losing weight, and avoid choosing some exercise methods with too much intensity as far as possible, otherwise it will cause greater threat to our health because of too much intensity of exercise.
Patients with this type of weight loss can do some gentle exercise, at the same time control their diet.

The above is about the daily health care of heart disease should pay attention to the three aspects, if you hope your heart disease can be reasonably controlled, it is recommended that patients in addition to doing a good job of daily health care, but also to use drugs to control the disease.
Not only that, in the doctor’s prescribed time also should be timely to the hospital review.

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