High uric acid, the root cause of gout is poor renal function?

How does gout patient fruit choose?
Kidney is good, live is good, body is good, uric acid is good, gout is good? Is gout kidney function bad? Is my Gout Caused by poor renal function, or is it caused by gout?
I believe that some people with gout go to the examination and find that only uric acid is abnormal, so they will be confused. Does it not mean that gout is due to poor renal function? Uric acid in the body can not be metabolized, leading to increased uric acid, and then gout. Why my renal function and other indicators are normal, only high uric acid?
In fact, gout does not necessarily mean that your renal function is not good. Many patients have had joint attacks when they found high uric acid. There was a period before gout attack when uric acid was always at a high level, but you never found it. The metabolism of uric acid in normal people is in a state of balance, while the metabolism of uric acid in patients with hyperuricemia / gout is abnormal. For example, in a pool, the water inflow of normal people is equal to the water discharge, and the water inflow of patients with high uric acid / gout is greater than the water outflow. The imbalance of long-term discharge and water inflow leads to high uric acid.
In short, due to lifestyle (mainly diet) or genetic problems, renal function can not be metabolized, resulting in high blood uric acid, causing hyperuricemia or gout.
20-30% of uric acid is excreted in feces, and the rest is excreted in urine from the kidneys. Excessive uric acid will damage the renal tubules and renal interstitium, uric acid deposition in the renal tubules and renal interstitium, causing atrophy and degeneration of renal tubular epithelial cells, and damage the function of renal tubules, and eventually lead to chronic kidney disease.
Does kidney function normal need to take the medicine that invigorates kidney?
All the indexes of my renal function test are normal. I heard that uric acid lowering drugs and colchicine can also cause damage to the kidney. Since drugs and gout are harmful to the kidney, do I need to take some Wuji Baifeng pills and Liuwei Dihuang pills for prevention?
If the indicators of renal function are normal, it is not recommended to take kidney tonifying drugs, so all drugs have side effects, whether it is traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine, since the physical indicators are normal, there is no need to take them.
How should people with gout protect their kidneys?

  1. Drink plenty of water instead of alcohol
    The amount of drinking water should be more than 2500 ml per day. Through a large amount of water, promote urination, help uric acid excretion. Recommendation: mineral water, boiled water. Consider sodium bicarbonate tablets, which can alkalize urine and help excrete uric acid. Remember, don’t drink!
  2. It is very important for uric acid to reach the standard
    It is suggested that blood uric acid should be controlled at 360 μ It is less than 10 mol / L; For friends with gout stone, blood uric acid should be reduced to 300 μ It is less than 10 mol / L. Too high uric acid can damage renal tubules and renal interstitium, and it is easy to form uric acid stones. Low blood uric acid level usually accelerates the dissolution of gout stones, and minimizes the recurrence rate of gout.
  3. Standardize the use of drugs, drugs can not hurt the kidney
    All uric acid lowering drugs have certain side effects. Some patients hurt their kidneys while others don’t. therefore, we should cooperate with the doctor to check and review regularly, and use drugs under the guidance of the doctor. If there is any abnormality, we should tell the doctor at the first time to minimize the harm of these side effects.
  4. Be careful with kidney nourishing herbs
    Whether traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine, misuse may cause damage to the kidney. Do not believe in the name of natural no side effects slogan of the drug, no side effects are often deceptive.
  5. Weight control
    Obesity can cause glomerulopathy, serious can cause renal failure. Obesity increases the metabolic burden of the kidney and makes it unbearable.
    Friends who have been found to have hyperuricemia or acute attack of gout are advised to regularly check their urine routine, renal function, blood lipids, blood glucose, blood uric acid, etc. to know whether there is protein or hematuria, whether their renal function is normal, and whether their blood glucose and blood lipids are normal. If problems are found, they should be treated in time to take care of our kidneys. For example, in patients with obvious renal dysfunction, febuxostat is the first choice to control uric acid. If allopurinol is used, the drug dosage must be adjusted according to renal function.

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