Indonesia’s coVID-19 vaccine is in clinical trials and could produce 250 million doses by the end of the year

The Novel Coronavirus vaccine study in Indonesia will enter the clinical trial phase this week. If all goes well, Indonesia plans to start producing 250 million doses a year by the end of the year.

Indonesia’s coVID-19 vaccine was developed by Bio Farma, a state-owned pharmaceutical company, and Sinovac Biotech, a Chinese company.
The third phase of the trial will begin on August 11, and the team is currently recruiting 1,620 volunteers aged between 18 and 59.
So far, 800 people have signed up for the trial.

Half of the participants in the trial will be given the vaccine for up to six months, while the rest will receive a placebo (pill or injection that has no therapeutic effect), said Khushenandi, a professor of medicine at the National University of Bachachalan in Bandung, who is involved in the study.
“We want to have our own vaccine so that we can make sure that our people have access to it,” Said Khusnandi.

As the coVID-19 epidemic around the world becomes more severe, the global scientific research community is stepping up the research and development of coVID-19 vaccine.
According to the World Health Organization, researchers around the world have developed more than 160 potential vaccines, more than 10 of which are in clinical trials.

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