Is it OK to take painkillers as soon as you have pain?

Many types of disease or the body has trauma, will send a signal through pain, the need to respond to the pain in a timely manner, according to the cause of pain, pain degree and other correct treatment, in order to relieve the pain, otherwise there is a disease or trauma bleeding is not dealt with in time, will bring many adverse consequences.
In addition, the body has pain, many mistakes to avoid, many people do not deal with the right way, but will bring further harm.

What are the pain mistakes?

  1. Just use more painkillers when you’re in pain

There is pain in the body more pain medication can be, this is a lot of people fall into the mistake, sometimes feel headache, stomachache or angina pain directly to the pharmacy to buy pain medication to take, indeed, most of the pain medication in some disease development process, cause pain has a good improvement effect.

However, painkillers have more side effects, long-term use, without reasonable use according to the guidance of doctors, will bring negative effects, can only temporarily relieve pain, and can not fundamentally improve the pain caused by the disease.
It is necessary to treat the disease symptomatic, or the organ may be damaged by excessive drug use, which may threaten health.

When the pain can endure a endure in the past

Body pain, there are many pitfalls to avoid getting stuck, most people don’t seriously think it is good to endure a endure the pain, but don’t know some pain is more dangerous, especially for high blood pressure caused by pain, gastric lesions caused by stomach pain, appendicitis cause abdominal pain, the pain is more common, if by endure a endure to solve, may endure a will improve,
But the local lesions have not been fundamentally solved, easy to repeatedly appear pain, may also aggravate the condition to bring other adverse consequences.

Need to understand the source of pain is what, timely treatment, of course, after proper treatment can be combined with other ways to relieve the pain, such as local hot compress, appropriate massage, reduce stimulation, etc., which are beneficial to the improvement of pain, rather than simply by endure.

Through the above content can be found, the body inexplicable pain, but not sure of the cause, you can go to the hospital for a detailed examination, according to the location of the pain, pain characteristics to find out the cause, if the disease caused symptomatic treatment is very important.

Of course, if it is accidentally fall or external impact caused by trauma, local may have bruising, bleeding and other conditions, it is necessary to properly disinfect, bandage, reduce the amount of local activity, trauma will slowly improve.
It is worth noting that the pain caused by fracture should be dealt with in a timely manner. The injured part should not blindly move. First, the affected limb should be fixed and checked at the nearest hospital.

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