Mention “China virus” again : calculating for personal gain and running counter to science

In July, novel Coronavirus cases surged again in several States.
As of July 10, more than 3 million cases of COVID-19 had been confirmed in the United States, resulting in more than 130,000 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins.
Faced with the severe and intractable epidemic in the US, some people in the US have repeatedly used the term “China virus” in public places and on social media.

Since the US leader first publicly used the term “China virus” on Twitter on March 16, who and the Chinese government have strongly condemned and firmly opposed this stigmatization.
Some politicians, however, still go racketeer.
Someone in the United States used such discriminatory terms as “kung fu flu” and “China virus” several times at a public event in June.
In his Independence Day speech at the White House on July 4, he once again claimed that China was responsible for the pandemic.
On Friday, he repeated the phrase “China virus” on Twitter.

The reason for us politicians’ obstinacies is nothing more than to find scapegoats for their political plight of ineffective epidemic prevention and control, and to “trick” China to transfer domestic conflicts and thus build up the election campaign.

Throw the kettle on for one’s own gain

In the face of the epidemic, China has provided assistance to 150 countries and four international organizations in a humanitarian spirit, and provided over 70 billion face masks to the world. On average, the US has received more than 60 Chinese masks per person.
The US, on the other hand, not only officially started the process of withdrawing from the WHO, but also staged numerous double-bids through Fox News and other media outlets, constantly hyping up the “China threat theory” and deliberately misinterpreting the actions of the Chinese government and enterprises.
The rhetoric of US politicians about “China virus” and “Kung fu flu” further incites hatred and division.

Some people in the United States continue to play this trick to divert the public’s attention, to excuse themselves and the government for their failure to prevent and control the epidemic, while not forgetting to slander China, contain China’s peaceful rise, and maintain the hegemony of the United States.

The crackdown on China is a convenient move by the American government, whose central aim is to win re-election in November.
Before the outbreak, many analyses and opinion polls seemed to confirm that the election was a “bonanza”.
But as the epidemic has spread rapidly in the United States, the number of illnesses and deaths has soared, the economy has plunged into a deep recession, more than 20 million people have lost their jobs, and there have been widespread protests over race.
There are too many “surprises” in this year’s election for the US government to cope.

The crisis has undoubtedly exposed the serious weakening of the governance effectiveness of the United States, and the unprecedented impact on the American democratic system has shattered the “dream” of some people.
Some POLITICIANS in the United States, for electoral and economic reasons, first opposed quarantine measures such as “city closure”, and then rushed to “unseal” the epidemic before it was under control, causing the grim reality that the epidemic was getting worse.
People from all circles are dissatisfied with the irresponsible attitude of the US government towards the epidemic, criticizing the government for not paying enough attention to the epidemic in the early stage and ineffective epidemic prevention measures in the later stage, resulting in frequent chaos in the fight against the epidemic, which is bound to affect the election.
According to the latest data from the Economist, YouGov and other media and organizations, Joe Biden, the Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, is four to 12 points ahead of his opponent this year, with an average lead of 8.7%.

Elections in order to reverse the adverse situation, some American politicians grasping, the spread of the United States to China, trumpeted “responsibility theory” in China, the basic logic is transferred her people lack of the epidemic in the United States, all the blame on China, trying to passivation americans for the White House response to the outbreak of the reasonable effective demands, deceive voters to vote.
This is all about political self-interest. Some American politicians see the epidemic not as a life-threatening public health crisis but as an electoral stumbling block.
This is absurd and a callous disregard for American lives.

Contrary to scientific facts and international norms

In the face of America’s dirty wash, the Chinese government has refuted its fallacies with scientific facts.
As the international community continues to conduct scientific research on the origin of the virus, the rumor that China “made” and “spread” the virus has been dispelled.
Recently, a succession of studies have proved that novel Coronavirus may not have originated in China after its long seclusion in the world.

Novel Coronavirus was announced by virologists in Spain in March 2019 in wastewater samples collected.
According to a report released on the official website of the National Institute of Higher Health, genetic material from novel Coronavirus was detected in wastewater samples from the northern cities of Milan and Turin in December 2019.
Novel Coronavirus was found in sewage samples in Brazil last November.
Novel Coronavirus may “hide” around the world and be activated under certain circumstances rather than originating in China, according to new research from Oxford University.

Novel Coronavirus origin problem is a scientific problem requiring scientific professional advice.
No matter how much the US government tries to spread lies, it just says nothing and is vulnerable to the facts.

As early as 11 February, WHO Director-General Tedros Adhane announced to the world that the novel Coronavirus disease was officially named “CoVID-19” (Chinese for “Coronavirus Disease 2019”).
The WHO also explained the naming principles on its official Twitter account: “In accordance with guidelines agreed by who, OIE and the FOOD and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, we must find a name that does not involve a region, animal, person or population, should be simple to read and be relevant to the disease.”

Who has made it clear that the importance of official naming is to prevent the use of other names that are inaccurate or stigmatizing.
Some people in the United States have recently said that they run counter to this principle in order to obtain their own domestic political interests.

The history of epidemic outbreaks suggests that the United States is not immune.
In 2009, the H1N1 flu was a global outbreak, and initial test results gave it the nickname “swine flu.”
To avoid a major blow to the pig-related industry, the World Organization for Animal Health proposed naming it the “North American flu” (the earliest outbreak).
However, the name is also prone to regional discrimination, the United States has proposed to be called “2009H1N1 flu.”
Who finally announced on 30 April that year that it was naming the disease “Influenza A (H1N1)”, or H1N1.

The United States, once on the verge of becoming a victim of stigmatization in the naming of pandemics, has thrown a bucket of dirty water over China.
As “twitterati”, Us politicians frequently put forward such fallacies as “China virus”, “Wuhan virus” and “Kung fu flu” to stigmatize China. Such actions not only fail to recognize the scientific facts, but also show the sinister intention of causing trouble in the east.

The virus knows no borders, and no one wins.
Fighting the epidemic requires solidarity, not political calculation.
It is more important for a major country to shoulder its responsibilities. The US should take concrete actions to protect the lives of its people, rather than slander China as a powerful anti-epidemic country.

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