Mutation of the virus, the United States experts do not think the epidemic to “slack off”

So far in February, the number of people in the U.S. vaccinated with the novel coronavirus vaccine has surpassed the cumulative number infected with the virus, and the growing number of confirmed cases has fallen to the lowest level in nearly four months.
Inspired by this “hope”, several states have recently restarted businesses such as restaurants.
To this, the United States public health experts warned that mutated novel coronavirus is continuing to spread throughout the United States, if not effectively controlled, the United States is likely to usher in a new round of large outbreak.

Americans get new crown vaccine

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Warning after warning, those who won’t listen still won’t listen

In recent days, a number of US media have reported that cities across the United States are “eager” to relax the prevention of the news:

Chicago has allowed the return of indoor dining and reopened major attractions such as the Field Museum, the Art Museum of Chicago and the Shead Aquarium under limited population conditions;
Boston opened its stadiums, movie theaters and harbor cruises.
Restaurants in New York City have also given the green light to indoor dining…

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For this economic restart, U.S. health experts say the pause button should be pressed.
The Associated Press quoted Scripps Research Institute researcher Katik Gonwalap as warning that “now is not the time for wide openness, and we still need to be vigilant.”

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The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has reported at least 1549 cases of the novel Coronavirus variant found in the United Kingdom, South Africa and Brazil as of Wednesday.
Moreover, these cases are not all of the cases of the variant strain in the United States and represent only cases detected through analysis of positive samples.

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The CDC also released a new study, done in conjunction with the Minnesota Department of Health, that analyzed eight cases in the state infected with a variant of the novel coronavirus strain found in the United Kingdom.
Of the eight, three had a history of international travel in the two weeks before they became ill, three had travelled to California, one had contracted the virus at home and one had contracted it in the community – but none had travelled to the UK.

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The report said the cases of the mutated strain in Minnesota “highlight the importance of prevention measures,” including wearing face masks, maintaining social distance, avoiding large crowds and poorly ventilated indoor Spaces, isolating confirmed Covid-19 patients and their close contacts, and following C.D.C. travel guidelines.

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As a result, Rochelle Valensky, the director of the CDC, warned again that the spread of the variant novel coronavirus could lead to a new surge in cases in the US and could “dangerously accelerate the spread of the epidemic”.

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MARGARET VALENSKY: “We estimate that four percent of the confirmed cases in the United States right now are linked to the mutant strain found in the United Kingdom.
We also predict that by the end of March, this mutant strain could become the primary novel coronavirus circulating in the United States.”

Anthony Fauci, the chief infectious disease expert in the United States, said that once the mutated novel coronavirus became popular in the United States, the epidemic number would climb again, because even if infected with the unmutated novel coronavirus, there is still a high chance that the mutated virus will be infected again.

△ Anthony Fauci

However, the experts’ exhortations have not prompted some U.S. officials to pay enough attention to the mutated virus.
At least 42 U.S. states have now reported cases of the mutated strain found in Britain, and officials in Florida, which has reported the most cases, are “no longer concerned about the outbreak.”
The governor of Florida, Maria DeSantis, who has a reputation for failing to fight the disease, even declared that “it is clear that the media are worried about mutants, and you love to play with them.”

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Health resources are inadequate. Vaccinations fail. Winter storms strike

The spread of the mutant novel coronavirus is scary, and so is the nation’s ability to deal with it.

In the eyes of many experts, the United States, which has a chronic shortage of hospital beds and exhausted health workers, simply does not have the resources to deal with the mutated virus.
Earlier this month, US media reported that US health care workers are under so much stress that some of them are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

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In addition, the new crown vaccination efforts in the United States are hardly optimistic.
US President Joe Biden said recently that the federal government had purchased an additional 200 million doses of the vaccine, but that the new administration “had a lot of setbacks” when it took over the vaccination program from the previous administration. “Frankly, my predecessor didn’t do his job.”

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Vaccine shortages are causing people in many parts of the United States to be unable to book vaccinations.
CNBC reports that in recent weeks, local officials in several states have been complaining about a lack of vaccine supplies, even though they can afford more vaccines and public demand is high.

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It rains every night when the house leaks.
Recent winter storms in many parts of the United States have also caused delays in shipping and delivering vaccines.
The distribution of at least 6 million doses of the vaccine has been delayed nationwide, with vaccination sites closed in at least 15 states and appointments rescheduled, The Washington Post reported.

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Guo Xiangang, a researcher with the China Institute of International Studies, said the threat of a mutated virus and the chaos of vaccination made the situation of fighting the epidemic in the United States not optimistic in the future.
And the United States has been slow to form an effective anti-epidemic force, mainly because the United States is still in a “torn” state.

GUO XIANGANG: “The reason why the United States has not formed an effective anti-epidemic force is mainly because its society is still in a torn state.
Another reason is the trump ruling period, the outbreak of propaganda and recognize a lot of the American people, they think will be coronavirus not a big deal, wearing a mask useless, the party or parties, this leads to the United States a lot of people don’t strict epidemic prevention measures, thus causing the current epidemic data, though improved, but its severity is still in the state of the world.”

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