Nearly 50 percent of college students fail to lose weight

Affected by the epidemic, many college students said they gained weight during home study.
Since the beginning of summer, some students have started to make plans and set goals to lose weight.
So, how many college students have lost weight?
Have you lost weight successfully?
What are the obstacles on the way to losing weight?

China Youthnet Campus News agency recently conducted a questionnaire survey among 913 college students nationwide, focusing on the topic of losing weight among college students.
The results show that: more than 70 percent of college students have weight loss experience, nearly 50 percent of students failed to lose weight, did not adhere to, food temptation, do not like sports is the main reason for the failure of weight loss, more than 50 percent of college students did not make a weight loss plan, more than 70 percent of the loser did not follow the weight loss plan.

Graph of college students’ weight loss experience.
China Youth net reporter Li Huaxi drawing

More than 70 percent of college students have weight loss experience, and nearly 50 percent fail to lose weight

According to a reporter’s survey conducted by, 72.07 percent of the 913 respondents said they had lost weight.
However, after a period of persistence, 47.54 percent of college students failed to lose weight.

Li Zijing, a student at Jilin University, is trying to lose weight recently. She usually pays attention to diet control and practices yoga, hip and belly training and swan arm with videos on fitness software. She also takes a walk after meals and spends nearly two hours on weight loss every day.
During the epidemic, she seldom went out and moved, which caused her to gain a lot of weight. She has been determined to lose weight for a month now.

Luo Chen, a student at Nanjing University of Finance and Economics, said the obesity problem has caused great trouble in his study and life.
Luo Chen, who lives on the sixth floor, gasps every time she returns to her dormitory.
“I don’t want to go out in the summer. I sweat a lot if I stay still.”
Under the supervision of her roommates, Luo ran laps around the playground every night, but her weight loss was not obvious and she soon gave up.

Graph of college students’ weight loss results.
China Youth net reporter Li Huaxi drawing

Did not adhere to, food temptation, do not like sports to lose weight failure

Wang Yu, a student at Shandong Women’s University, believes that losing weight can bring health and confidence to herself. She has set a goal of losing 95 jin and tries to lose weight through exercise.
However, due to the short exercise time, lack of motivation and love to eat snacks, Wang Yu “three days fishing, two days drying net”, weight loss plan always failed.

Like Wang, there are many college students who fail to lose weight. According to the survey conducted by China campus News Agency, 47.7 percent of the interviewees believe that the most important reason is not sticking to the diet, followed by the difficulty in resisting various temptations of delicious food and the dislike of sports, which are 24.65 percent and 14.75 percent, respectively.
In addition, 5.99 percent of college students did not know whether they needed to lose weight.

“I mainly through the way of diet to lose weight, exercise at home less, eat less, a few months down the weight of more than 20 pounds.
Xinran Wang, a student at Northwestern University, was at first smug about his weight loss.
However, once I got back to school, the corn kernels, edamame chicken nuggets and fruit in the cafeteria were so tempting that I couldn’t resist eating them. Within a few days, I gained weight again.
“Food temptation is a stumbling block on my way to losing weight, and all my efforts will be in vain if I don’t solve this problem.”

Graph of college students’ failure to lose weight.
China Youth net reporter Li Huaxi drawing

More than 70 percent of losers don’t follow their diet plan

A reporter survey found that 51.84 percent of the respondents had not made a clear plan before losing weight.
Among the interviewees who failed to lose weight, 72.12% did not follow the weight-loss plan, leading to their failure to lose weight.

Wuchang Institute of Technology student Chen Fei said, because usually relatively busy, he did not make a detailed weight loss plan, think two hours of exercise every day is good.
But after a period of time, he found it difficult to stick to it, so he changed his diet to diet, eating only one meal a day, but often couldn’t resist the temptation to eat more, leading to no change in his weight.

“It’s mainly because I can’t control myself. It’s so hard to follow the plan!”
Lin Wanqing, a student at Yangen University, will use fitness software to make a weight-loss plan for herself during her weight loss.
However, homework, discipline competitions, community work and other factors took up a lot of her time, and sometimes she had to stay up late to finish it.
When having a meal with bestie, bestie will often give her food, so that Lin Wanqing’s weight loss plan and can not be completed as scheduled.

Do college students follow the plan when they lose weight?
China Youth net reporter Li Huaxi drawing

Teacher doctor advice: to choose the right way to lose weight, tube stop mouth open leg

According to the problems in the process of losing weight among college students, Bao Yawei, secretary of the Youth League Committee of Yancheng University of Technology, said that college students’ physical and mental health is a comprehensive development and gradually reach the stage of maturity. “Thinness as beauty” has a great impact on college students.
College students pay attention to the evaluation of external things, which affects their self-esteem and self-confidence.

According to Bao yawei, colleges and universities should increase the publicity and education of students’ nutrition knowledge, carry out a series of nutrition popularization activities such as live broadcast on the Internet, publicity on campus and going into the community, and propose reasonable diet and healthy lifestyle.
Encourage college students to form good work and rest time, life habits, and form a consistent life rule;
While exercising more, it can ensure personal physical and mental health.

Hunan university first affiliated hospital of traditional Chinese medicine cure disease center not Li Dingwen thinks, deputy director of the college students’ weight loss failure reasons are mainly: one is not according to their own established practical and feasible plan reducing weight, 2 it is lack of correct understanding of the cause of their obesity, three is both tube not shut up and don’t open the legs, four method reducing weight is wrong.

To this end, Li Dingwen gives several Suggestions for college students to lose weight.
First of all, to make a feasible weight-loss plan, losing weight is a protracted war, you must have patience and determination.
Next, had better be under professional personage guidance, distinguish oneself is solid fat constitution or puffiness constitution, choose correct method reducing weight, know to reduce weight clearly even is painful, difficult, must tube stop mouth, stride leg.
Again, refuse high-calorie food, such as fat, high sugar, wine, baked, Fried, drink, milk tea, including high-calorie fruit.
In addition, weight loss must have a good work and rest habits, can not stay up late, can not sleep late, otherwise it will affect the body endocrine, lead to spleen and stomach dysfunction, fat can not be normal metabolism.
At the same time, need to maintain a happy mood, too much stress or depression will affect the effect of weight loss.

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