New coronavirus mutants appear in many places in the United States

Although the number of novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in the United States has dropped recently, there have been many COVID-19 variants in many states. This poses new challenges to the US epidemic prevention and control.
According to several US media reports, researchers from Columbia University and California Institute of technology recently reported that a new variant of coronavirus is spreading rapidly in New York City. It is said that the mutant can escape the natural immune response of the human body, which may affect the efficacy of the existing new crown vaccine.
Another study showed that another variant of the new coronavirus that is rampant in California may be “more infectious and more lethal.”.
New York found mutant strain or affect vaccine efficacy
The new coronavirus variant, named b.1.526, which spread rapidly in New York, first appeared in a sample taken from New York City in November last year. From late December to mid February this year, the detection rate of the mutant strain has been on the rise, the researchers said. Especially in the past two weeks, it has risen to 12.7%, “so we must be vigilant.”. At present, the number of patients infected with the mutant virus is increasing, not only in different communities in New York City, but also in the northeast of the United States.
The researchers said that the rapid spread of the mutant virus in New York had “similarities” with the mutant strains found in South Africa and Brazil respectively. Both of them had e484k mutation on the spike protein, which led to a certain degree of resistance of the virus to the vaccine.
Mutated strains found in California may be easier to spread and more lethal
According to another report, researchers from the University of California, San Francisco and a San Francisco based non-profit organization reported that the new coronavirus variant previously found in California may be more infectious and lethal. The researchers labeled the mutated strain as b.1.427 and b.1.429. Although the mutated strain has not been clearly defined by CDC, the researchers pointed out that the mutated strain is worrisome. The data show that it is more infectious, more likely to cause severe symptoms, and can resist some neutralizing antibodies. Patients infected by the mutated strain develop into severe or even die The risk of death is higher.
The researchers reported that the mutant strain had not been found in the samples in September last year; by November last year, the proportion of the mutant strain in the gene sequencing of positive samples was 16%; by the end of January this year, the proportion of the mutant strain had reached a staggering 53%.
There are nearly 2000 cases of mutated new coronavirus infection in the United States
As of the 23rd local time, nearly 2000 cases of mutated new coronavirus infection have been reported in the United States, according to the CDC. According to a study recently released by the center, the new coronavirus variant found in the UK may become the most important variant of the new coronavirus in the United States in March.

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