Novel Coronavirus antibody was found to be highly effective neutralizing

Recently, Tsinghua University announced that it will cooperate with the National Clinical Research Center for Infectious Diseases to study and isolate the high-activity neutralizing antibody, which lays a solid foundation for the development of novel Coronavirus antibody drug. At present, the production and clinical research of the high-activity neutralizing antibody is being pushed forward with all efforts.
The results were published online in Nature on 26 May under the title “Novel Coronavirus Neutralizing Antibody induced by natural infection”.

B lymphocytes are specialized cells that produce and secrete antibodies and play a key role in fighting infections, tumors and autoimmune diseases.
In terms of quantity, antibodies can constitute about 20% of the total protein content in plasma, and with the flow of blood in the whole body to constantly patrol foreign invading pathogens, and to its implementation of a strong inhibition and clearance.
Antibodies produced by B cells, especially neutralizing antibodies, play a key role in the protective immune response induced by vaccination in humans.

Since COVID at the end of 2019-19 outbreak, xin-quan wang, a professor in the school of tsinghua university school of medicine, professor zhang, life group as well as the national infectious disease clinical medical research center (the third people’s hospital of shenzhen/south university of science and technology, the second affiliated hospital) Zhang Zheng group and cooperation launched against will be coronavirus monoclonal antibody of cooperative research.

Novel Coronavirus enters into the specific binding of receptor binding domain (RBD) and receptor ACE2 that is dependent on viral spurs protein in the cell.
Zhang and Zhang Zheng team, from 8 cases of SARS – CoV – 2 people infected with a single B lymphocytes separated and identified the 206 specificity monoclonal antibody targeting RBD, found that 206 of monoclonal antibody and ACE2 activity and its competition is closely related to the ability to combine RBD, and a series of highly reactive neutralizing antibodies false virus and live virus neutralization capacity were studied.
Wang Xinquan’s team analyzed the crystal structure of the complex of RBD and the antibody P2B-2F6, showing that the steric hindrance generated by antibody binding can inhibit the binding of virus RBD and ACE2, thereby blocking the entry of the virus.
These findings indicate that the novel Coronavirus specific neutralizing antibody targeting RBD has broad clinical application prospects.

In addition, Zhang Linqi’s team and Zhang Zheng’s team from the Third People’s Hospital of Shenzhen conducted systematic and in-depth research on a number of viral diseases plaguing people’s health.
It is found that the coordination between B lymphocytes and T lymphocytes plays an important role in protecting the body.
Especially in the study of B lymphocytes, and the concept of using the most advanced in the field of knowledge, the development and optimization of multiple antibody research platform technology, in a relatively short period of time, from the tiny amounts of blood screening, separation and get a lot of effective antiviral antibodies and gene encoding, for this fight will be coronavirus antibody research has laid a solid foundation.

It is worth mentioning that the three teams are old partners who have worked together for many years.
Faced with Novel Coronavirus, three teams have worked together since January 25 and achieved a series of breakthroughs in a short period of time.
Upfront, and zhang xin-quan wang team team the resolution will be coronavirus spike glycoprotein receptor surface area (RBD) and the receptor protein ACE2 complex three dimensional space structure, accurate positioning a virus receptors and receptor protein interaction sites of ACE2, illuminates the will be coronavirus spike glycoprotein mediated infection of cells structure basis and molecular mechanisms.

This novel Coronavirus highly effective neutralizing antibody study is another important achievement of the close collaboration of the three teams and lays a solid foundation for the development of therapeutic antibody drugs.
At present, the production and clinical research of highly active neutralizing antibodies are in full progress. We strive to carry out safety and protection assessment in animals as soon as possible, and carry out clinical trials and clinical applications in humans, so as to benefit the majority of COVID-19 infected people and contribute to the containment of the epidemic.

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