Novel Coronavirus attacks again, China responds quickly, highlighting “China Speed”

Up to June 10, there had been no new novel Coronavirus infected person in Beijing for 56 consecutive days. However, an additional case suddenly appeared on June 11, which broke the existing calm in Beijing.
The China CDC acted quickly to trace the source of the virus, fully test contacts, isolate those infected and close contacts.
The outbreak was quickly brought under control, with only 17 confirmed local coVID-19 cases and no new suspected cases as of 24:00 on The 26th.

As of June 27, China had 85,173 confirmed cases, while the United States, with a population of 327 million, had 255,2,956 confirmed cases, nearly 30 times the number in China, with a daily increase of 46,586 cases on June 26.

The virus pneumonia of unknown cause was discovered in China at the end of December 2019. In keeping with the vision of building a community with a Shared future for mankind, China released the virus on its official website on January 5 and notified the WORLD Health Organization (WHO). The virus identification and epidemic information were subsequently Shared with the international community in a timely manner.
But work on a vaccine began in the United States on January 11th. When was the virus discovered?

On the novel Coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, Chinese President Xi Jinping made a directive to put people’s life and health first.
The average cost of medical treatment for coVID-19 patients is about 23,000 yuan per person, including more than 150,000 yuan per person for the treatment of severely ill patients and hundreds of thousands or even millions of yuan for the treatment of some critically ill patients, all of which are borne by the state.
In the United States, the average cost of coVID-19 treatment for an employer-insured person with no complications is about $9,800, and the cost of complications is about $20,000.
For the uninsured, the costs are higher, and these are personally borne.
The high cost of treatment is a major reason for the continued rise in COVID-19 infections in the United States.

Since the founding of new China, China has encountered avirus epidemic with the fastest spread, the most extensive infection range and the most difficult prevention and control. As the city with the novel Coronavirus as the first to be discovered, Wuhan, according to the notice of the epidemic prevention and control headquarters, completely closed the city on January 23, which won great understanding and cooperation from the public.
Due to the sudden outbreak of epidemic, hospital beds nervous, though coincides with the Spring Festival holiday, more than 30000 people to give up vacation, quickly into fire mountain, thor mountain hospital construction, can accommodate 1000 hospital beds of vulcan mountain in just 10 days to finish, can accommodate 1300 beds of the thor hill hospital 12 days delivery, this is the “China speed”.
There are also a large number of medical material manufacturers. In order to meet the extreme shortage of medical materials such as masks and isolation suits, employees give up their holidays and quickly put into production to relieve the shortage of protective materials.

Vulcan and Raytheon Hospitals

In the face of the virus, Chinese medical workers are fearless, rushing forward and working day and night to protect the lives of Chinese people.
Hubei province, the worst-hit province, quickly received assistance from other provinces, including medical teams and relief supplies.
We have implemented the policy of “one province includes one city”. For example, shandong Province has provided direct assistance to huanggang City, which has been hit hard by the epidemic.
Chinese people also actively cooperate with the country’s policy of “mass prevention and control”, make contributions “at home”, wear masks outside to protect each other.
Faced with a novel Coronavirus that went viral so fast, many in the United States refused to wear a mask, calling it a “human rights violation.”
What are the lives of nearly 130,000 people who died from novel Coronavirus?

Covid-19 rescue scene

China has tested 90.41 million nucleic acid tests as of June 22, and now has the capacity to test 3.78 million nucleic acid tests per day, the National Health Commission announced at a press conference on June 24.
At a campaign rally earlier, US President Donald Trump said 25 million people had been tested in the US and declared that the COUNTRY had “the highest number of COVID-19 tests in the world”.
To whom is this first?

On June 24th, scientists in China will be coronavirus antibodies for a major breakthrough in the study, found the first targeted spike protein structure of n-terminal domain efficiently and monoclonal antibody, is China’s research and development of new crown vaccine recombinant adenovirus vector in the global leading the Ⅱ period after clinical trials, yet another world class scientific research achievements.

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