Novel Coronavirus in Russia was imported from Europe rather than China

Novel Coronavirus from Russia was imported primarily from Europe rather than China, according to a study by the prestigious Skolkovo Science and Technology Institute in Moscow.

According to a report on The website of Russia Today on February 20, novel Coronavirus from Skolkovo Science and Technology Institute and researchers from four other Russian scientific institutions conducted genetic analysis and confirmed that the virus from Novel Coronavirus in Russia was imported from the European continent mainly from late February to early March 2020.

“The data we have obtained show that novel Coronavirus was brought to Russia not from China but primarily from Europe,” according to a statement from the School’s Press office.
By comparing the genetic data from samples of different Novel Coronavirus samples from Russia, the study also concluded that the virus had migrated to Russian cities after at least 67 independent inputs, and at least nine different novel Coronavirus variants that did not appear elsewhere in the world were also found.

In March, Moscow Mayor Sergey Sobyanin said that many coVID-19 cases in the Russian capital were linked to Russians returning from European holidays, especially places like The French Alps ski resort of Gauchevel, which are often welcomed by the Russian elite.
According to the data released by the Novel Coronavirus epidemic prevention website on Tuesday, the total number of confirmed coVID-19 cases and 12,427 deaths in Russia has reached 777,486.
The number of confirmed cases is now the fourth highest in the world, behind the US, Brazil and India.

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