Novel Coronavirus infected aquatic employees exported frozen salmon, which led to the novel Coronavirus spread to various seafood markets

Since the outbreak began in our country, has been on high alert, until gradually will slowly together control in our country, our country began to relax vigilance, gradually resume production, but the recent salmon with small-scale Beijing infection, let people “once back to before liberation,” fortunately, our country has built up a set of for will be full of coronavirus and epidemic prevention system.

According to the current global epidemic, and infection of the most serious is the United States, the world infection will be coronavirus and about to break through the 9 million mark, the number of the United States is still a “world first”, every day at a speed of more than 20000 cases of the new increase rapidly, and Brazil as the “younger brother”, not only to follow the exit from the world health organization together.

Even more than the daily new confirmed cases of the United States, there have been several day, Brazil’s new daily in 50000 cases of the above, the disease so serious, these countries are still in the recovery production of large processing plants, especially the President of the United States called on his own people, trump now working environment is safe, when infection is the most serious European and American countries, but why do we import from Europe salmon can be infected with the will of coronavirus?

Netizens have recently in the international media platforms, said North America there is a market for fishery workers, but in the work environment, did not stop working, and then just catch up salmon for the frozen cold storage and so on a series of work, will be the characteristics of the coronavirus is the lower the temperature, the longer survival time, so they can will be coronavirus in salmon.

Even these aquatic products not only sold in China, also exported to other countries, visible, now on the market of import aquatic products must be worth more careful, our country is at the moment when the virus found in salmon, ordered the whole country was pulled from the shelves salmon, you’d better eat in daily life to boil eat again

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