Novel Coronavirus may not have Originated in China, says Oxford University expert

Novel Coronavirus may not have originated in China, according to a study by an expert from The University of Oxford, UK. The novel coronavirus has been dormant all over the world and will trigger periodic outbreaks once the conditions are right.

Several pieces of evidence support the expert’s guess

The Oxford University professor named Tom Jefferson, is the honorary senior research fellow at the university of evidence-based medicine center, after after a large number of instance analysis, Jefferson finally think, will be coronavirus long before global official reported the first confirmed patients, is everywhere, the outbreak of the new champions league rampant global scene is only originally under the dormant viruses are activated by appropriate environment.

A scientist in Italy recently detected a Coronavirus in a wastewater sample in March last year. The research group in Italy first detected a coronavirus in a wastewater sample in mid-January this year, nearly one year before the first coronavirus diagnosis.
Novel Coronavirus antibody was detected in blood samples taken last September by Dr. Ryoya Fukushima, National Tsukuba University, Japan.

There are now numerous examples to support this view.
If we can figure out exactly what kind of environment activated the dormant virus, then we can make a great contribution to avoid the world to suffer such epidemic again in the future, and even can provide a way to stop the novel Coronavirus transmission.

Jefferson found that most outbreaks occurred in meat or food processing plants. Thus, a bleak and cold environment may be an important condition to activate novel Coronavirus. However, due to the limited depth of the present study, more conclusions are still needed.

China is not the source of the virus

In the worldwide epidemic, China is not the first outbreak of countries (Spanish laboratory found in wastewater treatment plants will be coronavirus, Japan early cases were found early in Chinese), but in the west part of China’s unscrupulous media dubbed the “source” stigma, America once through this disgrace to attack China, even other countries to China’s claim for compensation.
And Jefferson’s conclusion, to some extent, provides factual evidence for our country.

At present, the development of vaccine is not yet ready. The world has suffered a huge hit due to the epidemic situation. Many people’s ordinary life order has been broken.
While it is important to understand the source, the goal should not be to discredit, but rather to understand where the virus originated and to understand and address it.

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