Novel Coronavirus Mutates Again! Finnish laboratory: nucleic acid test may not be detected

It has been more than a year since the outbreak of the new epidemic, but the global epidemic has not improved with the passage of time, but is still serious.
Although a number of new crown vaccines have been approved on the market, and countries have also taken vaccine procurement and vaccination as a priority for epidemic prevention, it may still take a long time to realize the global mass immunity of novel coronavirus due to the shortage of vaccine production, uneven distribution and anti-vaccine mentality.
In the meantime, many people worry that if the virus mutates again and the current vaccine fails to respond effectively, the battle will drag on even longer and the world may not be able to get rid of the epidemic completely.

New mutated virus appears in Finland, nucleic acid tests may be difficult to detect

Recently, another bad news came from the novel coronavirus is a new mutant virus.
FIN-796H is a new type of coronavirus that has been identified in the laboratory of Weta, Finland, last week.
Sequencing tests revealed that the mutated virus had some of the characteristics of the previous British and South African viruses, but it had its own unique virus sequence.
The source of the mutated virus, its rate of transmission and its potential resistance to the vaccine are not yet known, but it is likely that the mutated virus has emerged outside Finland, according to laboratory staff.

It is also worth noting that due to the unique sequence of the mutated virus compared with previous viruses, it is likely that current nucleic acid detection methods will not be able to detect the existence of the mutated virus in time.
It is reported that the existing nucleic acid detection method is by looking for a specific genetic sequence in the novel coronavirusRNA to identify, the new mutation of the virus after the sequence changes, may be beyond the nucleic acid detection recognition range.
But researchers at the lab say there is no cause for concern based on available information, and there is no evidence that it is more infectious or ineffective against current vaccines.

Virus mutation is a natural phenomenon, no need to worry too much

In fact, the mutated virus appeared as early as last year, including in the United Kingdom, South Africa and other countries have been found in the presence of different variants.
As we all know, at the end of last year, the epidemic in Europe deteriorated rapidly, especially in parts of the UK, where the number of confirmed cases rose sharply, and the British government urgently ordered the reimposition of a ban on city closures.

In fact, the emergence of a new variant of the virus has been linked to the worsening of the outbreak in Britain and Europe.
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed that the mutated virus is more contagious and fatality than the normal virus.
Then, with the flow of people and other factors, the same mutated virus was reported in many countries overseas.
In this regard, Zhang Wenhong previously said that in nature, the mutation of the virus and the increase of infectivity is an inevitable phenomenon, without excessive worry.
In the face of the unpredictable course of the epidemic, we need constant vigilance to remain invincible in the fight against it.

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