Novel Coronavirus responsible for guarding the family of the Emperor was diagnosed by a palace guard in Japan

NHK reported Monday that the guard in the Police Department of the Imperial Palace, who was responsible for guarding the palace couple, was infected with a novel Coronavirus.
At present, The couple and other security officials have not shown symptoms of suspected infection.

The Couple are Prince Masahito and his wife, the younger brother of Emperor Akihito.

According to the Imperial Police headquarters, the man who was confirmed to be infected was a male bodyguard officer in his 50s who was in charge of guarding the couple.
On the 7th of this month, a novel Coronavirus infected person appeared in her family. The guard officer was tested as a close contact and was confirmed to be infected on the 17th.

It is the second confirmed infection of the palace police headquarters of the guard officer, the report said, the officer has not developed fever and other symptoms.

The officer was reported to have accompanied The prince for several hours late last month and had no contact with the couple.
No one from the couple, other security officers or palace staff has shown symptoms of suspected infection.

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