One hundred thousand people died in silence, so why did a black man die?

What has happened in the United States over the past few months has been like a dystopian movie: covid-19 has swept the country, killing 100,000 people with an unheard-of virus;
As 40 million americans file for unemployment benefits, protests against the blockade continue.
Police brutality has led to the deaths of black men and sparked fire and fury across America…

Perhaps, the frequent negative information and the much-predicted “100,000 +” during the epidemic have already made the American people “weary” of the epidemic, and trump’s combination of “cutting ties” and “dumping the pot” has also paid off.
In the end, however, the anger of America’s underclass boiled over with the death of a black man.

Protests in Minnesota, now in their fifth day, swept through 33 cities, 22 states and Washington, d.c. at least 13 states called for the national guard to respond.

It all started with a fake $20 bill.

On May 25, Floyd, an African American, used a fake $20 note at a local grocery store. The owner found it and called 911.

Two policemen found out where Floyd’s car was parked and looked for it.
Police asked Floyd to get out of the car, put handcuffs on him, walk to the side of the road and sit on the ground.

After learning the basics, two officers prepared to take Floyd into a police van.
Freud stood up stiffly, then fell to the ground, describing himself as “claustrophobic”.

Two other police officers arrived, including drake shavin, now charged with murder.

According to details of the incident released by local authorities, “officers made several unsuccessful attempts to get Floyd into the back seat of the police car.
Because Floyd was reluctant to enter and deliberately fell down in the struggle with the police, saying he would not get into the car and refused to stand up.”

Freud was then pinned face down to the ground, still handcuffed.
Shavin placed his knee on Floyd’s head and neck while two other officers held his back and legs for nearly nine minutes.

At first, Freud expressed pain as “I can’t breathe,” “please,” and even uttered “mama.”

One of the officers offered to change his position and turn over to Floyd, but was denied.

Gradually, Freud stopped wriggling and making noises.
The officer, pressing his back, examined Floyd’s wrist, but found no pulse.

After falling into a coma for three minutes, shavin was able to remove his knees from Floyd’s neck and head as the ambulance arrived.
Floyd was later pronounced dead at hennepin county medical center.

A preliminary autopsy report was released on May 30.
The autopsy report said Freud died of a “heart attack and a potential poison in his body” rather than a police strangulation.
The police’s control over him was only a trigger, exacerbating his seizures.

Freud’s family was clearly not satisfied, calling the reports about the health of the dead “nonsense”.
They have hired former New York City chief medical examiner Michael bardem to perform a second, independent and unofficial autopsy, the results of which will be released next week.

All four police officers have been fired.
He was also arrested and charged with third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.
Three other officers are also expected to be charged.

The former beauty pageant winner’s wife has filed for divorce, according to a statement issued by her lawyer on Monday.
She wants to ensure the safety and privacy of her children, parents and other family members.

The 44-year-old, who has been a police officer for 19 years, has twice shot suspects and received nearly 20 complaints.
But he was punished only twice, and the rest went nowhere.

Perhaps surprisingly for shavin, he and Floyd worked together at the same nightclub last year, though they did not know each other as an infield worker and an outfield security guard.

What made it even harder for sarvin to imagine was that the loss of life at his knee had sparked a nationwide outcry.

Curfews have been imposed in at least 25 cities across the country as protests in some areas escalated into clashes between police and civilians, or even into looting and arson.

But the situation is still getting worse.
From the firelight of Minneapolis to the CNN building in Atlanta to the besieged White House and the fallen Capitol in Washington, d.c.

Peaceful protests, burning buildings and cars, looting stores, and police confrontations in tear gas fumes are now a reality in many parts of the country.

The Minnesota national guard said Thursday it will deploy 10,800 troops to combat the violence.
It is the largest domestic deployment in the 164-year history of the Minnesota national guard.

The national guard has been deployed to at least 13 states and Washington, d.c.
Nearly 1,400 people have been arrested nationwide in the days of demonstrations.

As pain and anger spread across the United States, many americans associated the Arab spring with it, calling it the American spring: “this is not the Arab spring, this is the spring of the United States of America.
The world is a hell for dictators and racists.”

What has Mr Trump done in the face of already seething public opinion?
I’m afraid it’s just threats and flicks.

Donald trump warned protesters in front of the White House in a tweet on Monday that anyone breaking through its walls would be attacked with “the most vicious dog” and “the most vicious weapon”.

Mr. Trump also called on governors to take tough action at the local level or the federal government would step in and use the military’s unlimited powers to make arrests.

In addition, trump also pointed out that the mainstream media in the United States are fabricating rumors, saying that “fake news” is the public enemy of the American people.

Mr Trump has repeatedly lambasted the Minneapolis mayor as “weak” and “totally lacking in leadership”.
He called the protesters “thugs” and instructed that “when the looting begins, the shooting begins.”

In response to the barrage of criticism, trump on Monday said his tweets had been misinterpreted, saying he had spoken to Freud’s family to “express my grief.”

Floyd’s family, however, described receiving a call from trump: “it was so fast, he didn’t even give me a chance to speak, it was like, ‘I don’t want to hear from you.'”

As protests spread across the United States, the spread of the virus seemed inevitable.
As of press time, more than 1.77 million covid-19 cases and more than 103,000 deaths have been confirmed in the United States, according to live data from Johns Hopkins university.

In each of the past four days, more than 20,000 new cases have been confirmed in the us in a single day.
In the last three days, the number of newly confirmed cases was 22,000, 23,000 and 28,000, respectively, and the epidemic has continued to rebound.

“A thousand obituaries” and “a hundred dead people” appeared on the front pages of the New York times and USA today respectively, which satirized trump’s ineffective response to the epidemic in a shocking way, but he did not wake up the us government.

However, there are also media “happy funerals” – fox news used the nearly 2 million infections in the United States, far more than in Europe, to compare the scale of 100,000 deaths and draw a “positive conclusion” that the “death rate” in the United States is lower than that in Europe.

Perhaps, the frequent negative information and the much-predicted “100,000 +” have already made americans tired of the epidemic, and trump’s combination of “breaking ties” with the world health organization and “dumping the pot” on China has also paid off.
In terms of public reaction, the epidemic has not hit America nearly as hard as Freud’s death.

Li haidong, a professor at the institute of international relations at China foreign affairs university, told that the outbreak was so sudden that the us was not even sensitive to it at the beginning.
But that is not to say that the epidemic has attracted less attention in the United States than Freud’s death.

Li explained that the timeline of the outbreak was long and states had expressed strong opinions before.
But with the understanding of the virus, the integration of medical supplies and the development of a vaccine, the public’s fears have gradually been dispelled.

Li haidong believes that racial issues in the United States are extremely complex, racial-related incidents will have a strong resonance among people of color community, the chain reaction is rapid and strong.

Freud’s death, by contrast, has so far been well documented.
Police violence against blacks in the United States is a tinderbox in the increasingly tense race relations in recent years.

Racial discrimination, one of the worst dark episodes in American history, was revealed by Freud’s “I can’t breathe” cry for help.

Police brutality has led to minority protests in the United States for decades.
History repeats itself, and the problem of racial discrimination is still unresolved and its manifestations are constantly changing.

Democratic presidential candidate and former vice President Joe biden also acknowledged that police violence against minorities is an entrenched, systematic, and continuing cycle of injustice in this country.
“The original SINS of this country still stain our country today.”
Biden said.

“The government came out to appease and quell the protests, and some relevant policies were introduced to temporarily ease the problem.
But you can’t get to the root of the problem.”
Li haidong predicts the direction of the violent protests sweeping across the United States.

The social tsunami caused by race will continue to be the sword of Damocles hanging over americans, causing a new wave of social damage at regular intervals.

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