Osteoporosis ≠ calcium deficiency? It’s time to tell you the truth

A hug can break a rib
Sneezing can break the spine
Do a square dance
Can scrap your “career”
This is not a joke
Bones are “crispy”
Maybe it was
“Silent killer”
If the bones of normal people
It’s marble
So the bone of osteoporosis partner
It’s like honeycomb briquette
206 bones like honeycomb briquette
“Building high” in human body
It’s going to collapse sooner or later
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Dongguan Hospital of Guangzhou University of traditional Chinese Medicine
Zhou Yuqing, chief physician of Endocrinology Department
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How can bones become “crisp”?
Osteoporosis is a systemic bone disease characterized by bone mass reduction, bone microstructure damage and fracture. The most common sites were spine, hip and forearm.
How can bones become “crisp”?
Age: age increases, bone mass decreases, which is a natural phenomenon;
Gender: osteoporosis is more serious in women than in men. In China, 20.7% of women and 14.4% of men are over 50 years old;
Heredity: those who have a family history of osteoporosis have a higher risk.
Do you need calcium supplement only when you are old?
The bone mass of the human body will reach its peak at about 30 years old.
But after the “peak”, if you don’t advance, you will retreat, and the bone loss is irreversible. In postmenopausal women, the bone loss is cliff like.
“Silent killer” likes to cook frogs in warm water. When the body has bone pain, joint pain, limited activity, hunchback, fracture and so on, it has entered the middle and late stage.
Therefore, the earlier prevention of osteoporosis, the better!
Save more calcium for “bone bank” while you are young, and you will be less injured by osteoporosis when you are old.
When you are young, you should exercise more, and pay attention to the sun, so that the bone can reach a higher peak bone mass.
Of course, if it is already osteoporosis, simply drinking bone soup will not help, and standardized treatment is needed.
Traditional Chinese medicine has “internal and external treatment methods”:
Internal treatment: spleen and kidney yang deficiency, tonifying spleen and kidney, strengthening tendons and bones; Yin deficiency of liver and kidney can nourish liver and kidney, fill tendons and strengthen bones; Qi stagnation and blood stasis can promote qi and blood circulation, dredge collaterals and relieve pain.
The external treatment methods include external Tongluo Zhitong ointment, herbal fumigation and physical therapy (microwave, massage, herbal hot compress, wax bag therapy, etc.).
At the same time, combined with western medicine, taking calcium, vitamin D, plus anti osteoporosis drugs can effectively reduce the risk of fracture.
The more calcium, the better?
The best calcium intake for adults is 800 mg / day. The recommended calcium intake for patients over 50 years old and with osteoporosis is 1000 mg-1200 mg / day.
It is suggested that the total intake of calcium in adults should not exceed 2000 mg / day. Excessive calcium supplementation will increase the risk of kidney stones, hypercalcemia and cardiovascular disease.
It is suggested to take enough calcium through diet, such as milk, shrimp, beans, eggs, etc.
Calcium supplement can be used when the intake of calcium is insufficient. The calcium content, safety and effectiveness should be considered in the selection of calcium.
Calcium and vitamin D supplement, diet should pay attention to calcium and phosphorus collocation, more conducive to the absorption of calcium.
In addition, there are hyperthyroidism, stomach or kidney disease, are taking proton pump inhibitors, diuretics, calcium supplement should be adjusted under the guidance of the doctor.
We also need to pay attention to strengthen exercise, quit smoking, limit alcohol, reasonable diet.
It’s a good idea to talk about medicine
Prevent “bone thinning” as early as possible
Cultivate your “hard bone”

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