Osteoporosis people, 4 kinds of home cooking to eat less, eat more afraid of bone “instability”

Of osteoporosis, compared to a lot of people are not strange, many old people around may have already started to suffer from osteoporosis, not only affect their physiological activities, also own mood and enjoy eating, so in order to own bone health and personal life is not affected, prevention and mitigation of osteoporosis need extra attention, is urgently needed.

Ying-ze zhang academicians as working on more than 30 years of osteoporosis expert, he explains, perhaps before the s, osteoporosis exists only in older people, but in recent years because of the development of society and eating, social convenience also gave a lot of disease “fast track”, more and more young people suffer from osteoporosis, which with our life, to eat bread has a lot to do, osteoporosis patients also want extra attention at ordinary times, break away from the bones.

Director of orthopedic department: people with osteoporosis, 4 kinds of home-cooked dishes to eat less, eat more afraid of bone “instability”

Sweet and Sour Fillet

As the name implies it in the process of production must contain a lot of sugar, but in medicine is not recommended for osteoporosis patients eat more sugar, because lack of the occurrence of osteoporosis and bone calcium and nutrients has a lot to do, eating too much sugar will affect patients with the absorption of calcium, indirect increase osteoporosis itself.

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  1. Stir fry broccoli

Like this kind of cruciferous vegetables contain plenty of protein, for patients with osteoporosis, to control the protein intake, excessive intake of protein is also the main factors resulting in the loss of calcium, generally women daily intake of 65 grams of protein, if in a 50% increase, 26 grams of calcium loss will increase, so should eat less.

  1. Tea eggs

When in fact or in separate tea and eggs can increase nutrition for osteoporosis patients, but if touch together, will be wasted effort, because high concentrations of tea will produce a lot of tannic acid, which is a kind of material can be combined with protein, is easy to suppress the duodenum for the absorption of calcium, are more likely to increase their bone loss.

  1. Preserved onion and egg with tofu

A lot of people is very depressed, the tofu contains a lot of calcium, why patients with osteoporosis can’t eat, can eat tofu, actually really can’t eat is spring Onions + tofu, because spring Onions contain large amounts of oxalic acid, and contains will become calcium oxalate, calcium is not only not for bone calcium, can also lead to a loss of large amounts of calcium.

Academician Zhang reminded: osteoporosis people want to avoid complications, usually suggest to do 3 more things

1, often physical examination

Physical examination can not only observe their osteoporosis development to which the point, can also exclude some chronic complications, for change and prevent some complications treatment has a positive effect, and regularly check for the elderly can prevent other diseases, is also very important for good health.

2, often eat psoralein

Of bone leaves glycosides could everyone not unfamiliar, this is the old people often eat a kind of auxiliary reduce nutrients in osteoporosis, because its contain of eucommia ulmoides and epimedium glycoside, help to warming Yang, strong gluten JianGu, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, help bone metabolism to provide the necessary nutrients, helps the increase of their bone mass, can complement for bone hole in the bone, in patients with osteoporosis health also had a positive effect.

In addition, psoralein also contains components of psoralein and chondroitin sulfate, which can help increase ammonia sugar in bones and promote the stabilization of bone. In addition, psoralein can also help inhibit the activity of osteoclasts and contribute to the deposition of bone, which can well alleviate osteoporosis.

  1. Keep moving

For some patients with osteoporosis, exercise can be appropriate to increase their bone mass, increase their bone density, but we should pay attention to the strength of exercise, so as to avoid fracture phenomenon, but as long as the stability of their own bone mass, adhere to the operation, for osteoporosis can also play a certain role in the link.

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