People with heart disease can benefit from heart health through exercise

The heart is the most important organ in the body and is responsible for the circulation of blood. If the heart has problems, our health will be harmed. Because of irregular work and rest and many bad habits in life, many people suffer from heart disease, but these people do not know what should be paid attention to in daily life.

For heart disease patients, in daily life, can reduce the stimulation of the heart, to avoid heart damage.

Try to avoid these four behaviors, so as not to irritate the heart!


For heart disease patients, the most can not do in life is angry, because angry will lead to disease, or even some sudden events, endanger their life and health. This is mainly because people with heart disease are angry when blood circulation disorders, the heart’s ability to supply blood may be abnormal, resulting in oxygen deprivation of the heart.

All the normal functions of the heart are impaired, leading to a heart attack and heartache. Therefore, for heart disease patients, in daily life, should maintain a calm state of mind, do not easily angry.


Heart patients should pay attention to not drink in their daily life, because alcohol has a stimulating effect on human cells, alcohol is easy to cause excitement. But this kind of excited state is very bad for heart disease patients, because it will speed up the heart, cause the heart movement load to exceed its own tolerable range, easy to induce the arrival of myocardial infarction, and even lead to sudden death when serious. Therefore, for heart disease patients, in their daily life, they should have a healthy diet and avoid drinking alcohol.


For heart patients, to maintain a normal work and rest time, to ensure adequate sleep and rest time every day, to avoid aggravating the condition due to overwork. Because of the increasing pressure in modern society, many people work overtime or even overtime, so the heart disease patients should be paid attention to.


Heart disease patients must pay attention to avoid overeating in daily diet and life, and even control the amount of food. Often overeating or eating a lot of food at a time, the blood lipid content rises rapidly, the blood viscosity increases, thrombosis comes, this situation is also easy to induce myocardial infarction, cause heart disease. So for heart disease patients, in normal life to reasonable arrangement of their own diet.

In order to keep fit and heart healthy through exercise, we need to master the right methods to avoid the acute attack of heart disease and life crisis.

A physical examination before exercise is recommended to determine if the heart can support the intensity of the exercise. If the effect is good, you can exercise appropriately.

What movement does heart disease patient suit

Coronary heart disease patients are suitable for more types of exercise, mainly aerobic exercise, such as swimming, jogging, mountain climbing, Taijiquan, the patient can choose according to their own preferences.

How strenuous should people with heart disease exercise

To judge whether the exercise intensity is appropriate, pay attention to the following 3 aspects.

The first

Observe the heart rate and recommend a formula for calculating it: maximum heart rate =170- age. For example, the maximum heart rate for a 50-year-old is 170-50=120. Do not exceed this number when exercising.

The second

Obact blood pressure. When blood pressure is stable, it is recommended to control it at 140/90mmHg before starting exercise.

The third

Pay attention to your physical condition. If you exercise until you feel tired, you are advised to stop exercising.

When people are tired, they will increase the burden of the heart and slow down the running speed of the heart itself. And the heart burden of heart disease patients will be larger than the general people, in this case of overwork, more likely to cause myocardial infarction.

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