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Jintropin® is produced by GenScis patented E.coli secretion expression technology. Jintropin® has the same amino acid
sequence with 191 residues as the native human growth hormone produced in the human body. Jintropin® is a highly
purified preparation of hGH protein.



Jintropin is a human growth supplement produced by GenScis. It was first launched in the Chinese market in 1998 from where it grew to command 70% of rhGH market share in the far east. Jintropin was created by a Chinese doctor called Lei Jin who named it after himself. Dr. Jin had a bold and revolutionary vision that began when he discovered that e.coli bacteria was able to mimic certain critical hormones created by the brain in the pituitary gland. Once synthesised into the drug we now know as Jintropin, Dr. Jin believed that there are several health benefits to be had and today more than 25,000 patients who have received Jintropin are happy with the results.

The Benefits of Jintropin.

Jintropin contains rhGH which is used to treat burn victims with damage exceeding 40% of their body. Research has shown that the skin of burn victims healed considerably faster without any further risk in loss of life.

Jintropin is also known to reduce the effects of aging by removing wrinkles, sagging skin and strengthening weakening muscles. Jintropin also increases vitality and energy which is why many athletes take it as a way to get an extra boost that is both legal and safe.

Jintropin is useful for people hoping to loose weight and replace fat with hard core muscles. It is also pretty useful in raising bone density because weak bones lead to quick and potentially fatal fractures.

Some children are born with a deficiency in production of rhGH which leads to stunted growth. If a child is diagnosed with this condition then a doctor may recommend Jintropin as way to increase growth rate in a safe and healthy way.

Anxiety and depression can be serious conditions if left untreated leading to a poor social skills and an inability to work. Jintropin has been known to help improve the overall health and well being of the mind for better cognition and emotional balance.

Purported Side effects of Jintropin.

Carpal tunnel syndrome presents itself as pain and tingling in the wrists due to nerves being compressed resulting in damage. Jintropin has been known to increase the risk of carpal tunnel as well as swelling in other extremities. Due to high levels of rhGH in Jintropin it is recommended that patients with a history of diabetes not take Jintropin without the express permission of a doctor.

How to take Jintropin.

Jintropin comes as an injection solution and the amount and regularity of use is best advised by a medical professional because it varies based on a number of factors like age and weight. 1 ml of WFI should be mixed with the rhGH and then swirl but don’t shake the solution. Once it has dissolved withdraw the solution and inject it subcutaneously. Burn victims and children require different injection protocols based on the doctor’s advise.

Legal factors to keep in mind.

Jintropin is approved and certified in China as a safe and helpful drug and it is used in multiple countries in the far east. The FDA however has not yet approved the use of Jintropin and a number of sports associations in America remain unconvinced that it should be used by their athletes.

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