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10 x 10 IU vials of HGH (Somatropin 191AA)
10ml sterile water for injection
Lot code and batch number
Lab Testing Certificate

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● Introduction

JUVETROPE is an authentic product. It is made of 100% unadulterated Human Growth Hormone (HGH). Thanks to its precise development, JUVETROPE is a pharmaceutical grade product. Highly trained and leading scientists developed this product to make sure that it grants you the results which you desire. It can be used by bodybuilders to increase their lean muscle mass by a huge margin. It also boosts your stamina. This enables you to work out harder, for longer. The supplement also enhances your overall bone density. As such, you can lift heavier and grow
bigger. Read on to discover more about JUVETROPE and how it can help you!

• All about JUVETROPE

This is the strongest HGH today. JUVETROPE has some guaranteed effects and has been tested in the laboratory to ensure 97% purity. It is therefore effective for professional athletes and anti-ageing enthusiasts.

• The effects of this hormone

This JUVETROPE hormone can burn away fat, increase your strength and help you to develop massive muscles. It comes with a full money-back return. This is your guarantee on effectiveness. Upon purchasing this hormone, it is shipped to you within 12 to 48 hours at no cost at all. This allows you to receive the package within 3 to 7 days after making your order.

• Contents of each JUVETROPE HGH package

Upon purchasing a JUVETROPE HGH package, you immediately get the following components:

√ 10 International Unit (IU) vials of HGH. Each one has an active compound of Somatropin 191AA.

√ 10ml of sterilized water for injection purposes

√ Batch number and lot code

After purchase and ordering, your JUVETROPE package is shipped out to you in 1 to 2 days.

• Recommended method of using JUVETROPE

For you to enjoy the benefits of JUVETROPE, it is important to make sure that you consume it properly. For fat burning and gaining lean muscle mass, it is necessary to inject 4 to 8 IUs every day. If you desire to boost muscle mass and increase bone density, you should inject 8 to 15 IUs daily. You can inject approximately 10 IUs every day as well.

It is important to note that this is a substantially high dosage. Therefore, it is usually implemented by professional bodybuilders and athletes. This should be done 2 times a day, for 5 to 6 days every week. The second dose should not be injected before you sleep. That’s because your body secretes its own HGH during the night.

To experience the best results, this hormone should be used in an optimal cycle. This lasts between 3 and 4 months and can be repeated 2 times a year. Always make sure that you seek a physician’s advice before you begin to inject JUVETROPE.

● Conclusion

If you desire bigger muscles, more strength and excellent stamina, look no further than JUVETROPE. This is a high quality human hormone which can transform your body. It is versatile and effective for muscle growth as well as anti-ageing. It is also supremely easy to implement in your day to day weight gain regimen. Order some JUVETROPE today and experience the full benefits of your workouts!

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