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Active ingredient: Somatropin
Size: 10 vials * 10 iu
Dosage: 100 IU



Qitrope is a company manufactured human growth hormone. It is known for its high bio-activity, qualified standards (EP, USP, CP, and WHO), and purification. The company behind Qitrope research, manufacture, and production are Jilin Qijian Biotechnology Co., Ltd., a Chinese company based in Changchun High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Northeast China. The company is situated in a clean production area of about 30,000 square meters which meets the GMP standards of biomedical productions and certifications such as genetic engineering, sterile lyophilized powder, biochemistry, and small injection production lines.

The company is famous, and world trusted company in the production and sale of quality pharmaceutical intermediates as well as finished products which meet the advanced international standards. Jilin Qijian Biotechnology company is equipped high-class staff in nearly all the department who work hand in hand to see the successful production and improvement of Qitrope. At first, Qitrope was mostly used by the Chinese only in their domestic market, but currently, it is sold in both the local and international market (Europe and the United States).

Qitrope conforms to the human growth hormone naturally produced in the body in the 3-D structure and the number of amino acids sequence of 191. Qitrope came into existence up to the present day product as a result of recombinant DNA technology in the folding of human growth hormone protein, E. coli secretion system, and high technique of fermentation and purification.

Qitrope is not only used as a medication for stunted growth in children or kidney failure but also in other fields such as sports. It is popular in games due to its proven capabilities to influence muscle growth, fat reduction, increase of joints, bones, and ligaments. Qitrope is believed to have other health benefits, which include but not limited to, the following.

To start with, Qitrope reverse destroyed liver and restore its function. Protein synthesis stimulation throughout the body to increase wound healing and body restoration processes. Enhance body immunity through stimulation of rapid production of immunoglobulins. Increased contractility of the heart as well as reduced oxygen consumption through the improved formation of cardiomyocytes. Low body cholesterol and promote the burning of fat.

Qitrope can be administered through subcutaneous injection. The mode of preparation is simple; one milliliter of solve is inserted into the vial containing Qitrope using a syringe. The vial content is gently shaken until complete dissolution; vigorous shaking may not work. For effective use and maximum results, the dosage should be checked. It is recommendable to obtain advice from a qualified and experienced specialist.

For everything that has merits does not necessarily mean it lacks drawback, Qitrope is not an exception. Slight pain and edema around the injection area but only occur in the first days of usage. Prolong use may lead to antibody formation, which might affect drug effectiveness.

Qitrope in its dry state should be stored in a temperature of between 2 and 8 degrees such as refrigerator but not a freezer. This might not be recommended in the manual, but it is vital for your drug to remain active for a more extended period.

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