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What is SAIZEN (somatropin)?

SAIZEN (somatropin (rDNA source)) for injection is a drug that aids lacking human body manufacture adequate growth hormones. SAIZEN (somatropin) is engineered through recombinant DNA technology to help produce hormones for growth in the human body. SAIZEN (somatropin) composition is made up of 191 amino acids residues and 22,125 Daltons of molecular weight. The amino acid structure and sequence are similar to the pituitary growth hormone that is dominant in human bodies. SAIZEN is manufactured through a mouse C127 (a mammalian cell line) that has undergone adaptation through the introduction of the human growth gene.

Administration and Dosage
When and How is SAIZEN (somatropin) administered?

The white-lyophilized powder is sterile and non-pyrogenic. It is applied during growth hormone therapy to substitute the hormones that the human body is unable to manufacture on its own. It functions by stimulating skeletal growth, intensifying the population of skeletal muscle cells in size and numbers, stimulating internal organs size and function, and has significant impacts on the body’s metabolism.

SAIZEN (somatropin) is applied through subcutaneous injection. The powder is mixed with injection Bacteriostatic water to reconstitute a solution with a 6.5 to 8.5 PH.

While SAIZEN (somatropin) is primarily aimed at stimulating height-growth, it also plays a catalyst role in ensuring body organs such as the liver and other tissues to produce IGF-1 that aids in metabolic functions and stimulated the growth of the muscles.

Who are SAIZEN (somatropin) patients?
A growth hormone pediatric physician administers SAIZEN therapy. The patients with growth hormone deficiencies can either be adults with a childhood onset or shortfall resulting from adult-onset growth hormone. SAIZEN is therefore prescribed to these GHD patients

Precautions and Warnings
Who should or should not use SAIZEN?

SAIZEN is not intended for children after the closure of the growth plates.
SAIZEN is not intended for adults or children diagnosed with any of the ensuing medical illnesses for reasons that severe side effects may follow.
What should the growth hormone pediatric physician know before administering SAIZEN?
• If the patient as a child had terminal illnesses such as cancer. There is a high possibility of suffering another tumor for childhood cancer survivors
• If the patient has diabetes or has high blood sugar levels that are not normal.
• If the patient is using other medications which are either prescribed or over the counter. The growth hormone pediatric physician will need to adjust the prescription for SAIZEN to ensure there are no adverse reactions that result
• If the patient is nursing, pregnant, or has plans of getting pregnant. This is important to ensure that the patient does not harm the born or unborn baby.
Contradictions and Side Effects
What will occur SAIZEN regulations are not followed?

The most common side effects are as listed below
• Pain in the muscle and joints
• Headache
• Numbness and Tingling
• Pain, swelling or numbness reaction on site where the injection is administered
• Unusual skin sensation

Other terminal reactions are also listed on the product labeling are;
• Acute critical illness patients will be exposed to increased mortality
• Children with Prader-Willi syndrome will suffer increased death
• Pediatric patients will suffer from progression in preexisting scoliosis

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