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Manufacturer: Fulmen Pharma Europe
Substance: Pegylated Mechano Growth Factor
Pack: 4 vials x 2 mg



What is peg-mgf
Peg-mgf and IGF-1 are polypeptide hormones. Unlike myoblasts, embryonic cells develop into muscle fibers. Peg-mgf can cause myoblasts to divide and muscle fibers to mature. These functions are necessary to promote muscle growth in adults.
Pegylated mechanical growth factor (peg-mgf) is a kind of IGF gene, also known as the peptide used in the recovery process after strenuous exercise. Compared with the known IGF-1, it works by repairing injured muscle tissue in an enhanced way. A peptide used in the growth and anabolic functions of adults and children.
Results and benefits
Because of the short life of MGF injection, it is necessary to use another substance called polyethylene glycol (PEG) to enhance the protective effect of MGF molecule and make it last longer in vivo.
Peg-mgf increased the synthesis of muscle protein, thus promoting the growth of muscle. When you exercise, your muscles will encounter tiny tears, resulting in increased blood flow to the relevant areas. This triggers a response to the protein to repair the injured muscle. It’s this process that makes muscles bigger and stronger.
Peg-mgf leads to the constant production of satellite cells in muscle fibers, which leads to the hypertrophy of adult muscles. This happens when skeletal muscle increases in size due to the growth of its cell size. Satellite cells also stimulate muscle regeneration by creating redundant populations of cells that can reproduce at any time when you are injured by muscle.
Peg-mgf helps retain nitrogen, which can be used to measure the quality of proteins available in the body. Protein is an essential nutrient for human tissues and a raw material for muscle.
When MGF was first developed, one of the challenges faced by its users was that it could not stay in the body for a long time. Since peg MGF is water-based, it will stay in your body for several minutes. This is why the researchers chose PEGylated MGF.
This means that MGF now binds to PEG molecules. This helps the fault flow through the blood quickly and efficiently.
Solubility and storage
It is strongly recommended to dilute the lyophilized peg-mgf in sterile water, or further dilute it in another aqueous solution. Although freeze-dried peg-mgf can remain stable at room temperature for 3-4 weeks, it should be dried and stored below – 18 ° C. After re dissolution, peg-mgf must be stored at 4 ° C and kept away from direct light for 10-14 days. Storage for future use shall be carried out below – 18 ° C. However, you should avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Recommended dose
• recommended frequency of use: twice a week.
• injection site: inject fat around the stomach into the body.
• recommended dose: 2mg vials.
• recommended dose per injection: 200-400 MCG.
side effect
Since no detailed study on PEGylated mechanical growth factors has been carried out, not many side effects have been confirmed.


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