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Serostim is a medical solution for reduced body weight, physical endurance and LBM (lean body-mass), cachexia (general health issues due to emaciation), and wasting, for patients living with HIV.

It’s also advised to patients with gastrointestinal disorders, growth hormone deficiency, or growth failure. It’s the only medication approved by the FDA for the treatment of common health problems associated with persons with HIV. It’s produced in the lab as hGH (human growth hormone) by a very sophisticated DNA technology. For a person to be prescribed this medication, they must be on AHT (anti-HIV therapy).

The relative molecular mass is 22125 Daltons and contains 191 residues of amino acids. Medical experts suggest that the structure and sequence of these amino acids are similar to those of the growth hormone in humans which are responsible for muscle and bone growth.

It’s made with mouse C-127 (mammalian-cell-line) where the hGH gene (important for energy provision for cell growth) is added for modification. Factors that determine the use of this hormone include response to treatment, weight, medical condition one is suffering, and age.

Administration and Dosage

Patients inject this medication into the body directly – either under-the-skin or into-a-muscle. To ensure it is used in the correct way, users are strictly advised to check with their pharmacist who is well trained and experienced in the management of HIV virus and its diagnosis.

Patients should start with a dosage of 0.1mg/kilogram up to 6 mg. This should be used subcutaneously before bedtime and every day. Individuals between 35 to 45 Kg (75 to 99 pounds) should take 4 mg per day, 45 to 55 Kg (99 to 121 pounds) 5mg per day, and above 55Kg (121 pounds) 6mg per day.

A dosage of 0.1mg/kg per day is always recommended to patients with severe side effects associated with the growth hormone deficiency. Those starting to use the drug for the first time, without any adverse side effects of conditions such as glucose intolerance are advised to take the same dosage every other day.

The effect of this medication on body weight, LBM, and work output is seen after 3 months (about 12 weeks) of treatment. To maintain the effect, patients should continue using the hormone for another 3 months.

The abdomen, legs, and arms are commonly used in injection sites. Never use it on bruised or sore areas or even share it another patient. Needles should also never be shared. Trained physicians should also be consulted on the most appropriate way to mix or inject the medicine before use.

Common Side Effects

The following are the common side effects related to the use of this medication.

– Stiffness or pain in the joints, muscle, and bone
– Nausea and tiredness
– Enlargement of breasts in male patients
– Pain or numbness on the wrist, thumb or fingers
– Swelling in the feet, eyes, or hands
– Abnormal sensations on the skin

Other serious but less common side effects include:

– Vomiting and changes in eye vision
– Abdominal pain
– Diabetes or hyperglycemia (associated with high blood sugar level in blood)
– Extreme allergies

Things Patients Should Know Before Using This Medication

There are various things one should take note before using Serostim. You should not use the medication if you have diabetes (especially that caused by eye problems), cancer (or when being treated for cancer), breathing problems, or when suffering from illnesses contracted after surgery. If you are allergic to Serostim ingredients or any other growth hormone, you should also avoid using it.

If you have any of the above problems, you should tell your doctor immediately before using the hormone. Also, inform them of any other prescription medicine you are using including supplements or vitamins since they may react with each other. If pregnant or nursing, or when you intend to conceive, there is no known fact whether the hormone could affect the unborn or whether it passes to the infants through breast milk.

Your doctor should know if you have any other health problem to prevent Serostim from working as required.

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